new russian nuke

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by babystew, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. Not bad for a country always pleading poverty.
  2. Payed for by gas and oil sold to us.
  3. No doubt when the worlds press get a hold of the story properly it'll be the fastest, quietest, 'SUB'......(I shiver even typing the word) blah blah blah blah. Measuring the length of three really small football pitches and the most feared submarine our Western Heroes have ever come up against. With a sonar that can detect contacts from twenty thousand miles away whilst in dry dock.......yada yada yada.......

    It's just a bloody Akula...with the same reduction ratio (probably) and associated gearing lines and vulnerabilities (but the press won't report this because they haven't a bloody clue what really goes on under the water) that all the rest have.

    I wonder which boat zapped it first? Ours or The Septics!
  4. Allegedly....I forgot to type allegedly.....fool.
    Now it'll be a knock on the door at 0345! Do they knock...or just come straight in and bypass the hinges with a big key?
  5. Thats a big loud key for you then SELJUK.
  6. Pardon....speak up...say what....huh!
    Hang on I'll just get me ear horn...the dogs got it...he's doing that thing with the record player and my old vinyls again. Deefer come 'ere!
    KNOCK KNOCK......ooooer! :threaten:
  7. Reading the press report it sounds like new wine in old skins, or is that too simplistic?
  8. We know where you live!

    Never,ever go on the underground.(You have been warned)
  9. Halon or CO2 normally. Tho some ships have vapourised water systems.

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