New Rum Ration Android App Released - 100% Free

Just to let you know that we've just released a new version of the Rum Ration App onto the Google Play store. You can find it here:

It's 100% free and is based on the popular Tapatalk app so you get oodles of functionality including:

  • Read, Post and Subscribe to forum threads
  • Create a new thread
  • Read and Reply to Private Messages
  • Search
  • LIKE!

If you use and like it then please rate and review it on the Play store.

For those of you on Apple devices, we've also got a new version in the pipeline which should be available next week. The delay is caused by the difficult in getting it into the istore.
Do you use the normal Google play app market on a kindle or are you tied to Amazon? If the latter then no as it's a standard Android app.

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Just had a quick read about this. By default you can't access the Google play store, but most android apps there will work on a fire, which is at heart an android tablet. You should Google how to access Google play.

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See BCO's comments in the first post - new version of the iOS app is waiting for Apple approval, which will take about another week. Publishing an iOS app is a slow and painful process.

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An update for Kindle Fire users - I found that I can submit normal Android apps to the Amazon app store. I have just done this and the NN app is 'under review'. I've no idea how long the review process takes, nor if our app will be approved for use on a Fire. Watch this space!
Glad to hear that everyone is looking it, pose don't forget to review it on the play store pse!

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Ignore my last - known problem which will be fixed in the next update. Please just bear with it for now.

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