New rules for fitness test

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by UncleAlbert, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. Good news for all you new entries … their lordships have announced that effective this month all will be allowed to to walk in the fitness test and although the distance is longer at 3 miles, everyone is given ½ hour to complete it.

    It seems a lot of the new recruits are only capable of mincing

    The swimming test is the same except you are allowed to wear arm bands.

    posted 00.45 BST ..1/4/07
  2. Is it true that "up guard and steerage" will in future be sounded simultaneously with "stand easy"?

  3. Is this a wind up? My grandad is 87.

    He could pass that test( With Zimmer)!! As for swimming,Same class as Johnny Wiesmuller!! He would put us all to shame!

  4. PMSL :lol: :wink:
  5. Also, Commandant General Royal Marines has announced that breakfast in bed will be served during the first week of training for Royal Marine recruits, those not wishing to be mollycoddled by Training Team can take their mums along to do washing, ironing and bed making as well.
  6. My mum cant make it!
    I thought ACC would be doing the girls stuff!!
  7. Is it effective as from today UA? :wink:

  8. Just gets better & better , think I'll join up again
  9. I once heard of a TA recruit who, during recruit training, asked his sergeant if he could go back to bed for a few hours because he was feeling a bit tired :? only that isn't a joke!
  10. Couldnt make it up could you really !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. In this day and age Nicks you can believe just about anything.
  12. The BBC site has a few examples of the spoofs run in the Sunday papers:

    April Fool Stories

    Trouble is, you can believe one or two of them happening in the near future! Especially the BBQ one.
  13. S'right TD i actually believed the BBQ one at first glance (it was early). I wouldn't put it pass them.
  14. Either that's happened more than once, or I was stood next to him when he asked it! I think it was 60 press ups and 2 laps of the drill square as a fine =D
  15. Our Drill Instructors (and later Sergeants) seemed to think a nice warmup and a good long run in a short time was a good way to wake up.
  16. Do you get to do the walk in carpet slippers? Also are they introducing a golf cart option for the more portly new entrants ?
  17. Oh it is a joke!
  18. ppppfffff 3miles is that it?
  19. Why the fcuk was a 2 year old April fool's thread resurrected?
  20. To give hope to mongs like you?

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