New Royal Yacht?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. I would say no at the moment,Personally I think the money Charles is trousering every year and all the houses he has planned to build both he and the Queen could afford to pay at least half,I'm sure the rest of the world ie Saudi and those with oil money would be happy to afford the rest.
    We can't afford this at a time when we are in the shit and old people need looking after.
    She has been a great plus for this country but this is the wrong time for indulgence even if is is less than the French dwarf spent on his personal plane.IMO
  2. It pains me because I would love to say "yes, she has earned it and, notwithstanding the dire financial straits we are in the Gubbermint should find the dosh" but I have to agree with you Seafarer. And to be honest, I think Her Maj would be one of the first to step forward and say "thank you but not now" as well.

    The timing is a real bastard isn't it and I can fully understand why the matter has surfaced now even though it is politically inappropriate (IMHO).
  3. That clown Gove needs to take a reality check.
  4. Can't really afford it can we ?

    with all the money ringfenced for India Space / Nuclear programme, and Mercs for the African leaders etc. and the unnecessary expense of police guarding the house of that twat Blair... :evil:

    Besides which, I'm sure the PMs wife will want to change the design, and refurbish, of her accomodation this year .... and probably will be so if Liebour get back in !! ;)
  5. It is definitely a non-starter for no other reason than by the time a new yacht was designed and built HRH the Queen who it is meant to honour will have either stood down or passed away.
  6. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Don't you mean Lord Michael Gove? Benefactor of the Queen's Birthday Honours list?

    "Yacht, Your Majesty?"

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  7. Mods - can this Royal Yacht thread by combined with 'The gayest navy' thread....................

    I'll get my coat.
  8. I would go as far to say there should never be another royal yacht royal train royal flight etc

  9. "That clown Gove", as you put it, was grossly misrepresented, as his comments in the House yesterday showed, and the furore is another example of petty Liebour mischief. Gove's letter to the PM (sent in September last year!!!!) conceded that NO public funds should be used to purchase the yacht, which could be funded by UK and Commonwealth industry contributions.

    I have to say that I think the economic climate which has hit the world (including the UK and Commonwealth) for the past x-number of years makes that an equally ludicrous suggestion but I will stick up for Gove (on this issue and this issue alone) on the basis that I am fed up to the back teeth of bloody politicians (of all colours and hues) playing silly games trying to score points off each other when we/they have a lot more serious issues to worry about.

  10. Aye that's politics for you, quality stuff isn't it?

    If this anachronism were to be built who you think would pay for the crew, refits, fuel etc. etc. yes the taxpayer. These lesser royals who have shown approval have done nothing more than display just how out of touch they are as well as their snobbish arrogance.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2012
  11. I was thinking "haven't heard from Finks for a while". Nothing like an opportunity to bash the Royal Family to bring him back!

    Although the timing is wrong, as long as it was built in the UK there would be jobs created and it would help the shipbuilding industry by maintaining skills. A nonstarter in the current economic climate though.

    On the political side, it is another example of Labour simply opposing everything the Government suggests. It's a shame politics hasn't moved on - we have 2 parties in coalition working for the country as a whole despite their differences, yet Labour still think the role of the Opposition is simply to oppose everything.
  12. How exactly has she earned it? She hasn't done a hard days work in her life.
  13. I would hazard a guess that she puts in more hours than you do.
  14. As for the costs of running the Yacht I don't think it would take long to demonstrate that the potential benefits from use of a new HMY in terms of diplomacy, business development, foreign trade investment etc would soon outweigh the costs of a few yachties and a fill up at Shell from time to time.

    As I recall, though I can't immediately track down the reference I was hoping to use, the case for retention of Britannia on the basis of her contribution to foreign trade was quite solid at the time of her decommissioning and what queered the pitch most was the high cost of maintenance of her old propulsion system and the prohibitive cost of replacement - standing by for support, correction or vilification.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I saw plans recently for a new Royal Yacht published in the press a while back, suggestion was that it should be funded by UK and Commonwealth industries and used for business as well as Royal duties. I'll have a search later to see if I can find the article.
  16. No offence intended broadside but what absolute tosh, are you saying that all trade ceased when Britannia was decommissioned? It lived the lie that in times of conflict it would be used as a hospital ship and New Labour were IMO correct in getting shot of it. It would please me immensely to see it towed out of Leith and used as a target, at least that way when lying on the bottom it would be of benefit to marine life.
  17. No offence taken Fink since you obviously missed the point of what I was saying - or perhaps you are just trying to be characteristically obtuse. No bite on this occasion!
  18. "It would please me immensely to see it towed out of Leith and used as a target, at least that way when lying on the bottom it would be of benefit to marine life."

    If Scotland gets its independence Alex Salmond might just just carry out your wishes for you.
  19. I was at Whale Island when it was brought in for Princes Marg's honeymoon,in the working party I'll gloss over the meaty bits we tried on with the Wrens on board her but I seem to remember the sheer anger at the cost,not so much of the yacht but the luxury items like the Gold ring painted around the hull.
    It was a said it was a massive cost just for that alone but I don't know the price.
    A yacht may come eventually but the utter Regency luxury that I think Charles will insist upon should be curtailed.
    Painting it Pussers grey and giving Charles a bucket to do his dhobying in should work,after all he was a Matelot!
  20. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

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