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What do you think of the new RN Website

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Has the RN dropped the concept of desktop wallpaper and screensavers altogether then? Last lot wouldn't load anyway, but cannot find them at all now.


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Being picky, but on a medical slant they have a nurse in CS95, not MTP playing the part of a radiographer. Next one is the MA fully scrubbed for theatre, not as an ODP which is now a stand-alone branch. The MA submariner has two female ratings, not currently viable and a doctor on a skimmer - bad admin. Medical Officer has two MA's in it, with thencadet page has two nurses, more bad admin! Finally, nursing officer doesn't appear to have a nursing officer in it, just a bunch of doctors. Considering we are looking for informed, inteligent people, it isn't a good front page to put to them. It looks like non-med cut and paste IT types have done this! Rant over!

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I think it's a lot more user friendly and up to date. The officer bit on the overview says 'minimum requirements: 5 GCSE A*-C, degree maths/english/science' (for logistics officer). Then when you click for more info it says the 180 points ucas requirement, kinda confusing though on first glance.
I don't think the content has been changed, merely the presentation. Willing to give it a few more days of finding the answers to questions that arise before passing judgement.
From a Civilian/Potential's point of view, it looks pretty impressive. The old RN Website made it seem outdated and 'out of it' (compared to say the USAF website) but this gives it a modern and impressive look, and in terms of information, things like just clicking on an aircraft and getting a brief outline of it is pretty slick! The search function still is pretty bad to be honest though!
I like the new look, but there now seems to be nothing about RNR Officer (or that it is even possible). Not that helpful when revising for SIFT.

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One thing that did impress me was the Submarine Rescue System:



The system is managed by Rolls Royce, the NSRS entered service in 2006 and replaced the LR5 – the previous rescue vehicle which was involved in the rescue of Russian mini-sub, Pritz, and was called to the scene of the Kursk disaster. The NSRS is made up of three different independent systems.

The first is a remotely operated vehicle which can be used to locate a submarine in trouble, clear debris from the vessel and deliver life-saving pods full of food, water and oxygen through the escape hatch.

The second system is the SRV itself. Christened “Nemo” by the pilots who operate her, the SRV is a manned vessel that can dive to depths of up to 610 metres and evacuate up to 15 people at a time.

The third part of the NSRS is the TUP, or Transfer Under Pressure system, a portable decompression and medical support unit that can take up to 68 people.

Not surprisingly, getting the system out to the scene of an incident is a massive logistical challenge.

The first step will be to load everything onto the back of 28 lorries

Then move them to Prestwick airport where the equipment will be put onto two Boeing C17 Globemasters and three Antonov 124 aircraft.
Everything will be unload from the planes and then the system would be put onboard a mother ship.
To help us we have a Babcock support mobilisation team of 12 people, plus a team of welders who are always on standby should we get called out for real.
Question for our logistics experts:

Obviously, in the event of a peacetime subsmash/subsunk incident, the rescue operation involves multi-national co-operation to get the kit where it's needed. Would I be right in assuming that UK does not have the capacity to transport the equipment or provide the "mother ship" platform itself? If so, who do we rely upon?



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Trying to remember my SETT training...I think the mother ship is a uk platform. Similar to an RFA type vessel.

The SPAG lads deliver a lot of survival gear and medical equipment out the arse end of a plane.

And you are right in the fact that other countries will deploy rescue vehicles too, there is a lot out there.

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