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The Queen has, appointed a number of new Royal Patrons to various Royal Navy Commands.

The appointments are in recognition of the strong links between the Royal Navy and the Royal family.

Admiral Sir Jonathon Band, First Sea Lord, said:

"I am delighted at the news of these appointments. They firmly underline the strength of the bond between the Royal Family and the Armed Forces, not least the Naval Service in which so many members of the Royal family have served with great distinction over the years.

"This is a very proud day for the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Maritime Reserves and all associated with the Naval Service, whether uniformed or civilian."

The new Royal affiliations are:

The Prince of Wales, Commodore-in-Chief, Plymouth

Prince William, Commodore-in-Chief, Scotland and Commodore-in-Chief, Submarines

Prince Harry, Commodore-in-Chief, Small Ships and Diving

The Duchess of Cornwall, Commodore-in-Chief, Naval Medical Services

The Duke of York, Commodore-in-Chief, Fleet Air Arm

The Earl of Wessex, Commodore-in-Chief, Royal Fleet Auxiliary

The Princess Royal, Commodore-in-Chief, Portsmouth

Prince Michael of Kent, Commodore-in-Chief, Maritime Reserves

Previously, there have been honorary Royal Colonels in the Army, and honorary Air Commodores in the RAF, but no affiliations with the Royal Navy (other than special relationships with individual ships).

Some members of the Royal Family already hold Royal Navy appointments. The Duke of Edinburgh is Captain General, Royal Marines, The Duke of York is Admiral, Sea Cadet Corps, The Princess Royal is Chief Commandant, Women in the Royal Navy, and Princess Alexandra is Patron of the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service.

Commodore-in-Chief is an appointment rather than a rank. Commodores-in-Chief may hold the rank of Commodore or another rank. The naval rank of individual members of the Royal Family is a separate issue.

Members of the Royal Family who hold naval rank will wear the uniform of their rank. Some of the new Commodores-in-Chief such as Princes William and Harry, The Earl of Wessex and The Duchess of Cornwall do not currently hold naval rank. It is not expected that Princes William and Harry will be granted naval rank at this stage. The issue of naval rank for The Duchess of Cornwall and The Earl of Wessex is currently under consideration.


Eddie IS the Earl of Wessex. and a prize tit i wouldnt give that service dodger the honour of Commodore-in-charge of our local boating lake, Marines would have been fun wouldn't it, still when they say any given rank is "under consideration" probably means someone is after another well deserved Birthday Honour!.
pity my lot didnt get Prince Harry, we just got his fat golf playing uncle, who's time in the service didnt really amount to much and never went that far on his own merit i would have prefered Camila, at least she doesnt use a helicopter to go for a piss.
As someone pointed out today, wouldn't that mean that Edward is Commodore-in-Chief RFA Stewards? And why has Camilla got the scab lifters?


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andym wrote: I heard that the NAAFI will be being sponsored by Tescos!

Will it actually make any difference? :roll:

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