New RNFT 2 x 20kg weight strength test

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Lara_Croft, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. Any ladies had a problems with the new inclusion to the RNFT = 2x20kg power bags carried over 4 shuttles of 15m where the bags are lowered and picked up again after each 15m? (including Rock-port Walk and 2.4k run)

    Interested to learn if anyone has had injuries / pulled shoulder muscles relating to this inclusion..
  2. Interesting Lara but isn't that the same as carrying your handbag, doesn't seem a lot of weight but interesting none the less
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  3. lol! carrying 40 kilos may not seeeem a lot for the average chap but you have to carry it (as above) and within one minute. If you are a 60 kilo lass and over 40 years is may provide evidence that the rule needs adjusting. Not saying that a lass should be opting out at all but considerations be given.
  4. Give over, the standards don't need adjusting, 40kg is still 40kg no matter what sex or age you are. If you are on your own and you need to shift say a 70kg O2 bottle, The bottle won't magical drop 35kg because it's a female trying to shift it!

    Another situation is you need to move an injured person. That person won't loose a % of their weight because a female is trying to move them. If a male or female can't attain the standards then they should not get the job, simple.
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  5. I believe the test is supposed to simulate running with two AFFF drums up a few flats.
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  6. indeed they are to simulate the carrying of 2 AFFF on say the Ocean, but my query is: are any 'small 60kg females' or indeed any small males for that matter inuring ANY injuries due to lifting of the new weights? I am not discussing sexist views here!
    I would not (R)be able to more 70kg weight on my own that's for sure- I would be working as part of a team to share the load!
  7. States facts, get called a sexist.

    Also what happens when there is no team to share the load?
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  8. To be fair, none of the girls in our class struggled with it, even the ones that are crap at press-ups
  9. So basically you will watch your team members because your too weak.
  10. you state a fact granted, that if you cannot lift a particular weight within your employment implies you should not be in the military- and I am not stating a sexist view as a female, I don't believe in all that sexist nonsense but simply have any injuries DUE to its inclusion. Not all military personnel lift weights regularly, if at all. small framed individuals of 151.5 cm and BMI of <24.9 may find this test very hard to pass, they may run the 2.4k or participate in the Rock-port Walk (for over 40's) in the specified time - and rightly so.
  11. I refer you back to the two hypothetical situations that are not that far fetched in the military. The mass of a weight does not care if you are 151.5cm and under 24.9 BMI so why should this standard be lowered for those that can't reach the minimum.
  12. The test as it stands is a trial to see if age and gender specific requirements exist. The assessment is not recorded on JPA.

    However, it does simulate a realistic situation (as against the 2.4km run) and if a lighter weight was introduced for a subgroup of Naval personnel then that simulation would be lost.
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  13. Don't get me started.......ok go on then.

    Who cares? Seems to be you don't like the idea of it. I'm glad it is coming in, hopefully it will weed out some more dross after all, which is serving in a military unit.
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  14. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    FFS you already get two days or so to run your mile and a half!
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  15. The question highlights the fact that the Armed Forces is demanding and not for everyone. If you have sustained an injury from the physical test it probably means you have failed it, by definition.
  16. Suck it up sweet cheeks. You are no longer fit for service.
  17. Or you could just train your body to cope with the new part of the fitness test, you have a year to get it squared away. Just the same way certain "rotund" buffers train the month before an RNFT.

    Frogman uses his pay chit to train with and his make up bag...
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  18. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Train for it.

    Or would that be too difficult?
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  19. I think you have it now Lara if you cant do it without injuring yourself then I'm afraid the Andrew is not for you, I'm sure you will cope. Adapt and overcome
  20. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    On a serious note, this is one for angrydoc I suppose, if manual handling guidelines advise 20kg as the maximum load for lifting, does this not possibly expose the mob to legal action? Not trying to stir anything up, I'm genuinely curious.
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