New RN Website - HMS Raleigh - Recruit Diaries Written By Current Recruits

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Oct 21, 2011.

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  1. It's not easy to see immediately where the diaries already submitted are; this link takes you to some which have already been added:

    Entry 9 |
  2. Fantastic thanks Sol :D
  3. Can't wait to get down there me, two weeks to go!
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  4. Thanks for the link sol, i have been waiting to read these again.
  5. Thank you Ma'am.
  6. These where a great read !! Really inspiring to read and understand more about what will go on. Have to admit I died a little when I saw the photos of the rope climbing in the gym though !!
  7. I hate heights. lol Raleigh is going to be a shit storm for me. cant wait.
  8. Haha it's not the height it's the thought of pulling 13 stone up them !!!
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  9. Me too but if I have a harness on I will cope hopefully, but be prepared for the stunned rabbit in headlights look.
  10. I hate to break it to you, but if you are in the gym there are no harnesses, check the pictures again.

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  11. Wait till you see the high ropes course! It was only just being put up when I was there..
  12. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thanks Sol,

    Some interesting stuff, but what a terrible site to navigate!

  13. Couldn't agree more, only read Cunningham and then got pee'd off!

    Looks good though, really looking forward to it more and more day by day.

    The pictures where great too !
  14. =========================================================


    Interesting accounts with hardly a moan or any digs at the Staff.

    No (or few) spelling/grammatical errors and no textspeak either.

    Mmmm - Perhaps the diarists are all UY candidates...

    I'd be inclined to wait for the unabridged versions from the former RR contributors among these RALEIGH entries.:slow::evil2:
  15. Does anybody know if/when the new website will have the basic training videos like the old site had?
  16. Am I being daft or have the diaries disappeared? I get to the recruit diary page and there are links across the top to the different divisions, but if you click on any you don't get to the diaries and the diary link simply takes you back to the home page... I've read them before, but wanted to get 'into the mood' before heading off to Raleigh myself.

    Ah ha! Clicked on everything in site and finally... clicking on Gould brings up some diaries. Website could do with being sorted out so it works!

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