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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by itsamuppet, Jan 4, 2010.

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  1. So another new RN advert appears on our screens, and yet again no mention of a reserve.

    Could they not have put a 1 liner at the end or even some text.

    "Royal Navy, Regular and Reserve"

    Not hard is it the TA and RAFVR manage it.

    Doesn't seem like the bosses are putting much effort into the current mission of "recruit and retain" if they can't manage to organise this.

    Was the RNR even consulted or is this another stab at the "we're all a big happy team now" be nice if those looking knew who made up the team. how many times do we have to hear from RN and Civvies that they didn't realsie the RN had a reserves
  2. fails_as_is

    fails_as_is Badgeman Book Reviewer

    there are new RNR adverts as well... put your toys back in the pram
  3. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I know the tagline has been raised with the recruiters before - I've been at meetings where it was discussed. I am not sure why its not been done, but I think its a really missed opportunity rather than a deliberate slur on the RNR.
  4. Royal Navy top loafing during the week (Regular), Weekends (RNR)!!!!
  5. Why waste money on seperate ones. Are we not all one team.

    remember there's no "I" in team

    but there is a "U" in Cnut
  6. May be there's not enough spare cash in the budget to cater for every single arm & element of the armed forces. :roll:
  7. No but there is ME :D
  8. Perhaps they are advertising for what THEY want, not what YOU think they should have. :roll:
  9. Polto, good point well made.

    I'll remember that next time I'm being paid £55k plus getting a suntan in Dubai, when the RN guy i'm doing out of the sunshine post is stuck in Plymouth wondering which shit job drafty will give him next. not bad for a part timer eh. still it does mean the company car will have to go, until I get back, the only question is when should I go.
  10. No, but it's not difficult to add a tagline like "Regular & Reserve" to the adverts that are run.
  11. It's a dirty job, but some one's got to get the suntan... :lol: i'll be getting mine later this year. :D
  12. Take care out there, Pussers sun tan lotion just isn't strong enough, and those bollards really burn your arse in the midday sun.
  13. yep, the 9 months away from my proper job really puts a boot in any promotion prospects or pay rises. quite understandably as well. Even in the RN if you took 9 months out to do something else which had nothing to do with the RN,you'd expect to mark time and be leap frogged on the promotion ladder.

    Ok the RN does pay the equivilant of your lost wages so your not out of pocket when you deploy. but it doesn't cover the lost promotion prospects. but you also can't buy the life experiences you gain whilst your in so its getting the balance right. Its getting that right which is the problem at the moment.
  14. Surely as much as anything it makes FINANCIAL sense to add a tag line on the advert about reserves?

    The RN is all for saving money well surley it would save the RNR a fortune in advertising if the RN just added a tagline?
  15. i still think that they ate advertising only for what they want. Maybe there's enough passing trade to keep the rnr going for the moment. It may also be that the mod can't afford anymore reservists. Of course it may also be that the pr team which i believe is civilian driven have indeed missed an obvious opportunity. This is the same team who wanted the dolphin badge removed from advertising literature such as posters as they believed it was irrelavant.
  16. If the PR is civilian driven then it's highly likely they are unaware of the RNR's very existence.
  17. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "Of course it may also be that the pr team which i believe is civilian driven have indeed missed an obvious opportunity. "

    Total BS - the DMC is full of RN and RNR personnel, who know full well what the RNR is. There has also been regular engagement between RNR and recruitment types too.

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