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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by luke-2010, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. i have finished my rt test in may but im still waiting to hear for my medical. does ne1 know if theres a set waiting list?
  2. Hi Luke

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    Could you explain what you mean by "set waiting list" please?
  3. i was jus wondering if there was like a set waiting because they jus told me im on a waiting list? and they havent said how long
  4. Which job have you applied for, Luke?
  5. mtme iv applied for
  6. Do you mean Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering), ET(ME)?
  7. yh lol i gt them mixed up
  8. You just used the characters 'n' 'e' and '1' in place of 'anyone.' I shudder at the thought of what corners you will cut when you are trusted to maintain multi million pound pieces of machinery.
  10. No probs.

    The waiting time for ET(ME) is 30 months at the moment.

    The AFCOs space out the different things you have to do, Luke, so they have probably written you down for a medical at a later date.

    If I send you a link to the contact details for all the Careers Advisors, you will be able to look up their e-mail address and you can then send them an e-mail and ask them when they are hoping to fit you in.

    Will that help?
  11. that was brilliant thanks for your help
  12. Surely he knows who his Careers Adviser is.
    Get on the phone Luke and show some initiative.

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