New Recruiting Offices for 2010

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by BillyNoMates, Dec 12, 2009.

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  1. I've heard a whisper that the RN intends to broaden its
    horizons and there are plans to open several new
    Recruiting Offices overseas, which seem like nice
    dream loan drafts for some of you lucky bar stewards.
    Barbados, The Seychelles, Antigua, Bermuda and other
    lesser known smaller bits of the Commonwealth are under
    consideration at the moment. Although this is still in the
    planning stage (and naturally these overseas offices will be
    manned by personnel holding dual nationality) - the MOD
    feels it would be advantageous for UK nationals currently serving
    to also have the chance of loan drafts to these new recruiting offices.
    Get in touch with those that know more on this - as I have said, it's
    only got to initial planning phase at this time.

    Still nice to get your names in the frame though.
  2. This is a bite surely... Ok then... won't that be expensive at a time when the MOD is facing a 6.5billion procurement black hole on top off the deficit cuts to follow next year? Can't see it happening but what drafts! I'm sure i've heard of other drafts similar; a LH AWW billet in Singapore and numerous driving drafts in Washington and I once heard about a Buffer in Barbados or Bermuda who had been there since time immemorial.
  3. Everything you write looks like it should be a poem, but in fact is nothing more than diarrhea transformed into word form.
  4. Fcuk me we have had numerous recruiting campaigns in both Fiji and the West Indies over the years what did we get - the laziest whinging non seagoing bunch of individuals apart from scousers that we ever recruited.

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