New Ratings Starting April 20th 2014.

Hi, very new to this forum. Iv been accepted into the RFA as a comms rating and just wondering if theres anyone out there also due to start soon? My start date is April 20th 2014.

RFA Comms Rating. Start date 20/04/2014


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Hi. I'm starting on the 20th apr assuming I pass sc etc.

I don't know what daily life is like at collingwood, but I'm looking forward to it.

I would like to know roughly how much the new (new since I left the army) pay as you dine is per week.

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Depends how much you eat... Raleigh is roughly 1.22 for brekkie, 1.45 for lunch and 1.85 for dinner. That's the core menu.

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20th of april i start, its a sunday. Iv just checked my emails and iv just received the defence vetting form.

RFA Comms Rating. Start date 20/04/2014

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