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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by LeTache88, Jul 31, 2010.

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  1. Hello once again,

    I'd just like to know, I'm going in as a WS and have a hefty 24 month wait ahead of me so it may seem like I'm jumping the gun a little but once I've completed training and am posted to a ship, because I am new would that mean I have a good chance of being sent to work on the newer warships or is it completely irrelevant that I'm new or not?

    Also I heard a while ago that at some point during the app process you get to state a preference regarding the type of ship you serve on, is this true? and if so what are the best ships in the fleet for a WS? I'm hoping I get to serve on a type 45 at some point on my career as I guess most people on here are maybe.

    Thanks in advance guys,

  2. I would say it makes no odds. As for drafting preference you get to give just that. Drafty will send you wgee he needs you. As a WS i think once you get drafted to a type of ship drafty will be inclined to try and keep you in that type so that you dont need retraining on other kit. But thats not to say if they need somebody on a different ship they wont retrain you.
  3. As Danny said you won't necessarly get a new ship, you'll be trained in a Radar system they require a baby WS trained. So should you be trained ADAWS then you will only get ships with that system. They can retrain you in other systems should you be required to.

    During your Phase Two course in Collingwood you will put your drafting preference down being a WS general service you're choices are GUZZ or Pompey. Depending on the system you get trained on will also effect where you will be based. Type 45 are Pompey only so if you want GUZZ don't expect it. If you get ADAWS you will be more Pompey unless you get one of the 3 GUZZ big ships.

    You don't get a choice of system, you get what you are given when you start phase 2
  4. Cheers Tommo,

    Don't get me wrong I will be happy just being able to do the job but it would be brilliant to be able to work with the 45's just going to have to wait and see.
  5. I didn't say they would fill a ship with greens, This isn't a bone question at all it makes sense. There's a new system, should we retrain a whole bunch of guys or just train up a bunch of new guys who are not set in any way, now it's obvious to anybody you would not man a ship full of fresh out of training boys you would want some experience too but perhaps it would be a good idea to have a majority of new people set up with the new system.

    What I mean is for example, let's imagine you have a football team, there's a really good goalie and a new guy who doesn't mind what position he plays and there just so happens to be a position open for a striker, would it make sense to A.) retrain the goalie who is already set in his ways and comfortable and good at what he does to be the striker and put the new guy in goal or B.) Train the new guy as the striker as he has experience of neither and the goalie is doing a good job?

    to me it's a good idea, but perhaps the RN doesn't see it like that which I will accept and have no problem with, it's not a bone question I was just curious and besides have you never heard that there are no stupid questions just stupid answers?

    I await the heat on this one *sigh*
  6. Ok, I'll bite.

    In reverse order: Plenty of stupid questioners though, esp. @ RR, or have you not noticed?

    The RN is ALWAYS willing to listen to 'new good ideas' (if only for the entertainment value) :lol: .

    Never mention Football as an analogy to the RN, Englands performance still brings pain to many of it's supporters. 8O

    There - That wasn't toooo hot, was it :wink:

    Bounce the Ideas - Try 'em out whilst your serving - Points gained & accelerated promotion.........perhaps :twisted:

    Edited to add; The Navy has always been supplied with new classes of ships, although not many lately, somehow they coped.....
  7. What a fandabbydozy idea. I take it from this that in your new entry intake there were several killicks, some POs, a few Chiefs, a smattering of two-ringers, a handful of two-and-a-halfs, and a couple of three ringers. There, we could crew the latest ships with the latest recruits, all conveniently at the correct stage in their careers and with the relevant experience to fulfil every role on board these craft.
  8. You have quoted something but did you even read it? I give up.
  9. You should. Just how many posts on board do you imagine are filled by people fresh out of Pt2 training? There will be as much a requirement for trainees on the new vessels as there will on the older ones. There will also be a requirement for people at every other level. Your football analogy simply does not work, because footballing is not a structured career where one can start as a goalkeeper, get promoted to full back, then midfield, finally being selected as a forward.

    Anyway, back to newly built ships. Do you imagine that Daring just turned up in Pompey, and the crew walked onboard?
  10. I dread to think of the amount of stupid questions I'd have asked, if this interweb thingy had been available when I joined up.

    After reading out an advert for the RN and finding that my parents would let me join, I jumped at the chance to get away from home. If I hadn't read the advert out aloud and got their response, I probably wouldn't have pursued it.

    I used to read and re-read the brochure the RN sent me, like a seven year-old with a catalogue at Christmas and had ambitions to be a diver or PTI, so applied for the Seaman branch. Colour blindness prevented that and when asked by my recruiter what else I fancied, replied - 'Marine Engineering Mechanic or Radio Electrical Mechanic'.
    'You don't want to be a stoker' he said, and so I ended up being a Pinkie.

    Strokes of luck, all along the way. All I really wanted was to be a sailor, though I had no real notion of what sailors did. After my time as a Pinkie, I'm still not entirely sure.

    I had no career plan, no idea what ships existed, no idea what sort of ship I wanted to sail on. When the times came round to put in whatever chit it was, I just put in for where I fancied going. The Windies, Fez or wherever.

    I had no idea what my training was going to involve and, luck again, turned out to be good at my job without having to put much effort in.

    Ah........ I've burbled on so long, I've forgotten the point I was trying to make.

    Never mind, maybe somebody else can work it out.
  11. Fuckin hell Stix working on that system you'll be sent to the "Mary Rose" :D :roll: 8O
  12. You have every chance of getting a brand new ship. I've just left phase 2 training myself and me plus another 10-15 baby matelots have all got HMS Diamond which is just out of build. Put a 45 as your choice and keep your fingers crossed. There amazing ships.
  13. You'll only get a 45 if you get trained on the CMS system. If the WS class he's in is to be trained in cacs, as an example (which he'll have little choice in) when during his radar course putting 45 down during the time when they ask for preferences, it's very unlikely he'll get it. They'll have to retrain him after just completing a cacs course.(just an example) Same will be for ADAWS and SSCS. Unlike other branches, WS branch get less choice due to competencies in radar systems. So he has to be CMS trained to get a 45. He doesn't get that choice in which system he is trained in.
  14. Thanks Tommo, At least now I know what to look out for when I get to training as to what class I will get, you're the man :wink:
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, even back then the recruiters tried to stream the aesthitically challenged away from the Marine Engineering trades. :wink:
  16. All the WS's need retraining anyway so why not throw a newbie into the works? You'll get put wherever drafty wants you basically. Just hope that your being drafted at the same time a 45 is manning up.
  17. All WS's need retraining? Do they? Since when do all need retraining? The only time they will be retrained is if they get drafted to a different system. I've only ever done ADAWS so that blows your theory out of the water I'm afraid
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep likewise, I'm puzzled. I thought that's why the Warfare department had Both Watches every morning. :wink:
  19. I think he meant all WS's going onto 45s will need retraining.
    Either that or he has a very low opinion of the competence of your branch! 8O

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