New Rape Law

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Father_Famine, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. I heard on the radio this morning that the Government are advising men that it is against the law to sh*G a woman if she says no, (agree) especially if she is P1ssed.

    Does this mean if she sobers up and changes her mind, we're in the Sh1t?
    Maybe todays young lads should carry a breathalyser, as well as condoms, video camera etc.

    How else are some guys going to get laid if they can't lubricate her throat a bit first

    Now thinking back to when I was a drunken young matelot and it was getting late in Joannas or god forbid "The Bistro" and I sidled over to this rough old Pompey Dog, with a body like a Jabba the Hut and breath of a Walrus, with teeth & whiskers to match ( Ialways managed to get the nice one). :oops:

    If she took me home and took advantage of me with my beer goggles zoomed to max, when I woke up next to "Lard ARse" could I have cried Rape, or as I did, leg it, Toot Sweet. :?:
  2. As the song says "Never been to bed with and ugly woman, but sure woke up with a few"

    Drunken dick has no shame
  3. Yeah, always carry the video camera, then you can show the lads all the appropraite evidence!!!
  4. Fat birds need lovin too! And they're always more appreciative!
  5. Off to Lil's we go....................... :wink:
  6. they're all slags
  7. All who? Rape victims or women?
  8. I used to always get landed with the fat chick,ferk nows why,wasnt so bad in winter but come the summer and the use of sweat glands,ughhhhh 8)
  9. Yeah well! a drunken arse carries no steaming lights... :) :) :) :)

  10. Even when i was sober i would nearly always end up with the bloater, :D
  11. Everyone says that, so who is this one bloke that always ended up with the babe??

  12. It was Rumrat, :D :D

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