New RAF flying helmet

I dont envy the poor sod who has to fly with that on his/her head. Is it sinister looking or what? Obviously its NVD and everything else rolled into one, but surely it must make someone feel detached and remove the feel of actually flying a plane.
A Helmet?
A frigging HELMET!

We have squaddies fcuking DYING because of a lack of basics and are happy to spend money on that crap!

I fcuking despair, I really do!
suerly this helmet is essential to the new fighter. which is in itself essential to the troops on the ground. or am i missing something?
Oh, forgive me, is this aircraft in use already?
Sorry, i thought that our guys were dying and being injured daily while this wasn't in use yet! How silly of me!

The helmet is a good early indicator of the very advanced technology that JSF will bring. The sooner we have it the better IMHO, pity its costing so much, but then again, Spitfires were costly and controversial in RAF circles in the 30's, but what a godsend/leap in technology they were.
I just think that any money that could be used to plug the obvious safety gap our lads and lasses are suffering but is being used elsewhere is being wasted at a cost too high to this country.


War Hero

You're a braver man than me mate!

That's Tony Curtis in "Some Like It Hot" innit?

(That photo's not that old actually, she's still in black & white as I write)

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