New RAF Field Squadron


Lantern Swinger

The MOD has announced that the RAF Reg will be expanded to include another field squadron.

Now I am all for expansion of the armed forces, but why is it that they are more than happen to do this yet they would not form another Commando unit.
The need has clearly be there for a while, hence the fact that 3 Cdo Bde has been given 1 Rifles to fill the gap left by 40 Cdo being used to bolster other brigades lacking Infantry.
I am not going to make any assesment of the rifles ability, but the fact remains that the need to be commando trained to serve in 3 COMMANDO Brigade seems to have been lost.

Before anyone brings it up, I am aware that a field quadron is not the same as a Cdo Unit, however the point is the same.

If anyone has any other reasons I am not aware of which would bar a (re)forming of another Commando Unit I would be very eager to hear them.


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