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New PRMC Forum - Potential Royal Marine Commandos


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For those not interested: Desist reading.

For those interested: The PRMC Forum recently moved onto the official Royal Navy website, but due to stringent IT security precautions, the site is only visible to registered users who log-in to the site. The Official PRMC Forum is therefore invisible to Google searches, internet browsers and users not logged-in.

The upshot is that daily 'hits' have significantly reduced from 2,500, with upwards of 200 online simultaneously, to a meagre maximum of about 35 online.

Further security constraints prevent signature blocks, avatars, photographs being uploaded and users being "timed-out" every 10-15 minutes.

We've therefore set-up an unofficial PRMC Forum (still work in progress, but certainly user-friendly) to reach-out to Potential Royal Marines Commandos. The unofficial site is located here: Potential Royal Marines Commando Forum

That is all.

Carry on, as if you were normal.
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Should this not also go in the joining up bit as well? Most newbies use that as their first port of call on this site.
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