New Pope an Argie!

Falklanders - doomed!!! Doomed!!!!

He'll plug for a cathedral on the islands and they, (Argies), will fight a holy war to win the land!!! :wtf:


War Hero
He's into the poor...... quite apt for an argie.

I do believe there's a bit of scurrilous chitter chatter about his relationship to the military junta. The next few days will be interesting what with the journo's digging the shit.
So if he were to come out and support further Argentina's claim to the Falklands, would Catholics in the RN refuse to serve down there?
It's obvious Kirchner bangs on about the Falkland Islands to divert attention away from the Argentine economy but if the Pope starts on about it, what he could he and the Church possibly want to divert attention away from...hmmmm, difficult one that is.
swiss-guard-vatican.jpg Were fu*ked.He'll send this lot in to back up the argies in Falklands 2.Just throw the towel in now, and start evacuating the islands...:laughing5:
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