New pompey accom

I am hearing buzz’s (not in the naffi) that the single accom blocks are being turned in to two man rooms with bunk beds, can any one confirm this to be fact? also is this being rolled out to other establishments more specifically yeovil?

I think it can only be a good thing as lads isolate them self’s in there rooms too much now a days?
Lads and lasses in single rooms ... hurrmph ... hurrmph ... bah .... not in my day .... hurrumph ...... where's my lawyer ? ...
Yeah agree with Breathing out- RHIP. There a fewer and fewer perks to being a SR that at least we should have our own accom. My view though I am sure someone will disagree.


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Seems like a good idea to me - if Jack dislikes it, he can always pay to rent a flat ashore? The Pompey SLAM is an excellent building (I've used it a couple of times as one floor is W/R Overflow for OPTAG) and the rooms are a good size and good quality. As a Chief I used to work with said, what motivation do the lads have to get advanced if they see the state of the CPO or NELSON W/R, which are a lot older, and in infinitely worse condition.

Giving people gucci accom from day 1 is fine, but going to sea, or getting promoted is going to come as a big shock!
This is probably true, it HAS already happened in Yeovilton - mainly to help with an accommodation shortfall that's occurring since shed loads of aet's have returned from crab bases post SDSR etc. I wasn't in SLAM though (pish anyway, I'd rather be in a mess), but from what I can gather, killicks are keeping their rooms to themselves and the AB's are now sharing. Although, they should think themselves lucky - lads on my course were sharing a JR's family room between 8 in bunkbeds (when they arrived there were 8 campbeds), and its alleged that a recent intake of FC trainees were also initially sleeping on campbeds in a TV room somewhere over wardroom side. Last I heard, Yeovilton was 100% full.


Multiple problems with SLAM - it's all very nice having your own place but it didn't suit everyone. Was a bit of a nightmare for those who had just joined and weren't quite psychologically up to life far away from family and friends.
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