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Nicholas Soames MP. Any one that takes the piss out of Prescott on a regular basis has to be a good man. Also has military experience.

About Nicholas Soames
Nicholas Soames has been a Member of Parliament for 24 years. He has represented Mid Sussex since 1997 and he previously served as MP for Crawley.

His Ministerial career included serving as Parliamentary Secretary and Minister of Food at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food from 1992-1994 and as Minister of State for the Armed Forces from 1994-1997.

Between November 2003 and May 2005 Nicholas served as Shadow Secretary of State for Defence and as a member of the Shadow Cabinet.

After the 2005 General Election Nicholas stood down from the Shadow Cabinet and he now takes a very active role in Opposition on the backbenches. He is a member of the Committee on Standards and Privileges.

Nicholas has specialist and detailed knowledge in the fields of defence, Europe, international affairs, trade and industry, aviation and the countryside.

He is a Member of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, a Trustee of the Amber Foundation and he sits on the Council of the Royal United Services Institute, the Court of the University of Sussex and the Council of the National Trust.

Nicholas was born in 1948 and was educated at St. Aubyns, Sussex and Eton College. He is the son of The Late Lord Soames and grandson of Sir Winston Churchill. He is married with two sons and a daughter and lives in Sussex.

After leaving school he was commissioned into the 11th Hussars and served in Germany and the United Kingdom. He was subsequently Equerry to HRH The Prince of Wales KG KT GCB.

He then worked as a stockbroker before becoming Personal Assistant to Sir James Goldsmith, where he gained experience both in the manufacturing and service industries in both the USA and Europe.

Nicholas worked on the staff of a United States Senator in Washington D.C for two years and then joined a firm of Lloyds Brokers as a Director.

His hobbies include reading, music, racing and country pursuits. He has travelled widely.

Amongst many local bodies with which Nicholas is associated are:

President - East Grinstead Target Shooting Club
President – Mid Sussex Conservative Club
President - Haywards Heath District Scout Council
President - Haywards Heath Rugby Football Club (HHRFC)
President - Staplefield Cricket Club
President - South of England Hound Show
Vice President - St Catherine’s Hospice
Deputy Vice President – Sussex Cattle Society
Member of the Court of the University of Sussex
Member of the Council of the South of England Agricultural Society
Member of the Council for the Protection of Rural England
Patron of No24 Burgess Hill Detachment Sussex Army Cadet Force
Honorary President of 172 Haywards Heath Squadron (air cadets)
Member of West Sussex Design Commission
Founding member of the Burgess Hill Business Parks Assoc
Founding member of the East Grinstead Business Assoc
Patron of reMEmber (The Chronic Fatigue Society)


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Lamri said:
Actuall, I've changed my mind (Is that allowed?)

I vote for Paisley, just so I can laugh at his "Fire and Brimstone" speeches :)
Despite my Irish Republican family background and upbringing, I actually enjoy watching the Rev. Ian Paisley (anag: Vile IRA Pansy)! The funniest thing I saw was when Pope John Paul II visited Liverpool in the 80s and I went to be blessed by him. Paisley also went, but for a different reason. As the Popemobile passed the DUP's demo outside the Catholic Cathedral, JPII blessed him - Paisley was spitting feathers! :lol:
I've got the greatest idea ever - how about you guys vote Dubya in, he'll be out of a job in about a year....

*raises shield to deflect incoming abuse*

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