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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. I am typing off a Sony Vaio and have to say that I am not that impressed with them. Lots of money for not much more than one half the price. I'm no expert on the 'latest' thing but I would be tempted to buy a billy basic workstation PC and a netbook for the same price as the one you have highlighted.
  2. Knowing how much you look forward to it - NO!

    (But who knows, after next year's holiday you might even be able to buy that island. :wink: )
  3. I reckon if you're going to forego your holiday then you might as well make it worth it. Once you've had a play with these you'll never look back:

    Good Toy
  4. Stirling will drool - if only Park Drive still came with Embassy Coupons....
  5. Thanks for the contributions, my techy mate has the big brother of the Sony I linked and cannot fault it, maybe do some extra on-line work to save up when current project is finished, cheers all
  6. Now that Stirling's satisfied I can hijack the thread ...

    Looking at getting a new laptop, something small and light (around 13" screen). Doesn't need a super duper spec, something not too shite but not too expensive. I was looking at the Toshiba Satellite series (specifically the T130-16W). Anyone had an experience with them/able to recommend them?
  7. try this lot and ring them up they can give really good advice over the phone and the company was set up by an ex matelot!
  8. Alienware MX11, amazing netbook that out performs most PCs.
  9. Thanks for the replies everyone .I'll have to look into them when I get home (work computer Nazis wont let me on anything with an online shop)

    Stirling - already checked that thread but I'm after something a bit bigger than a netbook to be honest.
  10. :thumbleft:
  11. I'm a Mac convert. Having had an iPhone for a couple of years. I thought i'd explore getting a MacBook. After much soul searching and a bit of scrimping and saving I brought one. It's a joy to use and just works never any glitches and takes about 20 seconds to put up and close down.

    I would never go back to anything with Windows on again. Go play with one in your local Mac store or PC world.
  12. H12 - In an ideal world I'd be looking at a Mac or high end Vaio but that's a bit out of my price range at the moment.
  13. Soz 640. I know how tough it is to key by on money mate but I really scrimped and saved. I brought Tesco Value food / drink and went to Liddel. bloody hard but I did it in the end.

    I even picked up the cardboard coffee cups in Macdonalds and peeled the stickers off just to get a free cuppa.

    It took me a long time but I used the computers and internet down the library but kept out of Diamond Lills just incase the bells and whistles went off !

    Good luck shippers, get the best you can for your money mate.
  14. Bloody hell mate don't think I could put myself through that!
    Also need to get one before I bugger off to work in France this winter so don't have time for that.
  15. Have a Toshiba Satellite Pro
    never had any bother with it and my son and girl friend have the same .

    Its loaded with Ms Vista and its been faultless -had it for nearly two years
    and its used most days . Have a PC aswell --Acer cheapy from Asda.

  16. Ditto, but 3 years use nae probs.
  17. I'll dito your dito :wink: :D

    Mines 2 years old and I have recently fitted a new key board as I'm heavy handed. 8O

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