New pay scales for post apprenticeship ?

Discussion in 'RFA' started by geekboy, May 18, 2015.

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  1. Does anyone know what I would get as a CR1 after my 2 years training if I am successful in my Communications apprenticeship, now the allowances have gone all the information I can find seems invalid?

    Also in regards to the comms branch what happens after CR1, if you get promoted to leading hand are you still a CR1 with the rank of LH? And the role seems quite varied does everyone do everything or do you specialise?

    Thanks in advance for any information.
  2. So after 2 years (if I get a role) and becoming a cr1 I'll be on 16k?
  3. No.

    As far as I'm aware the 16k figure was the CR2 pay. CR2's have effectively been replaced by comms apprentices.

    I believe this is correct (But it's not my department so it's best to check with someone else)

    Once you've finished your apprenticeship, and if then offered a job, you'll got on as a CR1c. The starting pay is £26,361.

    Comm Rating are "banded" as either an A, B, or a C (starting as a C). You go up bandings by completing various short courses, etc.

    Pay is as follows

    CR1C: £26,361
    CR1B: £28,010
    CR1A: £29,778

    Once at CR1A, you may get the option to promote to a Leading Hand Comms. They are banded in a similar way as A,B,C, as are most ranks now.
  4. Awesome thanks for the info, that's a massive relief for second there I lost a bit of excitement. Got my test on the 2nd of June and can't wait.
  5. If you end up going to interview, I'd use it as a opportunity to double check what I just told you.

    But in honestly I'd be surprised if you discover it's different.
  6. Is there a communications officer role?
  7. exJenny

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    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex-wren. Don't blame me if it all goes tits up.
  8. I was told the same thing although I am going for Seaman Apprentice
  9. The following is from an email I received from the recruitment team:

    "The rate of pay will go to approximately £26,000 on qualifying, and increments are in conjunction with our new banding process. This works on merit, and is subject to your reports and achieving certain courses to move up through the bands, of which there are three in each grade."

    I actually read this incorrectly and as the pay on the RN site says that it will be starting at £16,906, I thought that it would start at that and rise to £26,000 in increments. I'm made up now that after two years it would be £26k. Thanks for correcting me.
  10. Im on the seaman apprentice course now and the starting pay is £14,648
  11. Out of interest do apprentices currently on course get travel and expenses paid ? And get IEA ?
  12. Emma, is that the apprentice rate for two years?
  13. They pay for the travel at the start and end of each term and they pay for travel to courses.
    We currently can claim to go home 3 times. They offered us 4 times but because we didn't start till may they gave us 3 to use.
    No more claiming for IEA's
    Food is pay as you dine and you then claim it back.
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  14. That's for the first year. It rises to £15,100 (I think I haven't got my contract with me) in the second year.
    If you get everything done on time and get ships when you're suppose to, you could potentially complete the seaman apprenticeship in 13 months, but there are delays with joining ships :-/
    Once qualified if you get offered a full SG1 position you then get the appropriate pay.
  15. What's an IEA?
  16. Put a k in and you got build it yourself foreign furniture :)
  17. IEA is a subsistance we get at 5£ a day for living on base, to cover laundry etc
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  18. Thanks Emma. Hope all is going well on your course. Any heads up info?

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