New Osprey Does Its Job

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SJRM_RN, Oct 28, 2010.

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  1. Indeed he is and it must be a great comfort to know that your kit does the job.
  2. Just a shame they havent changed everythig else to suit it. So after 10 mins of carrying a fairly light day sack it feels like you have a house on your back.
    Im suprised they have put these new plates in though. Prior to herrick 9 we were told about a para who had done this himself using ecba plates. He got shot in the armpit area and ended up with 10 exit wounds as the round coudnt leave the body. Or so we were told by the optag team.
  3. The terms bollocks and urban myth come to mind, the body is not a tin can and rounds do not keep bouncing about - Optag team exaggeration to prove some dubious point or other. Show me the para, let him tell the story and I might believe it
  4. Like i say that is what they told us. Im pritty sure even with just the two plates there have been cases of multiple exit wounds. Again this is only from what i have been told by optag for H9 and H14.
  5. I have never heard of this, and I read the minutes of weekly meetings where all cases are discussed.

    OPTAG embellishment, methinks.
  6. Ok fair enough your deffinatly in the place to know. But has there been any cases of more that 1 exit wound due to the plates, that you know of. Just wondering if it does happen at all now.
  7. The stuff I had on Herrick weighed a ton, we were told it would keep us together after being shot so it would be easier to return all the bits.

    However it did gather dust in the corner of the shelter untill crab air took us home (late)!!!!
  8. That's nice when you can stow it in a corner to gather dust.
  9. That's just you being a turbo-minge.

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