New OSM Libya.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tomm90, Mar 29, 2011.

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  1. Heard a buzz Cameron has proposed a new OSM for Libya. It is to be struck later on in the year. As there will be no boots on the ground or Army involvement only the RAF & RN will qualify for the medal. Anyone else heard about this new OSM Libya?
  2. And the SAS!
  3. I thought they were all SBs.

    Anyway, we didn't get a medal the last time we (mainly the USAF) bombed Libya.
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  4. Depends whether you believe the garbage trotted out by our world renowned "meeja" or just sigh and give up - I think I am probably in the latter group!

    PS, I didn't know you were in the USAF Joe.
  5. And STC, perhaps?
  6. I am still waiting for my ribbon for consuming a bottle of Pepsi Cola and a ******* big tub of ice cream.
  7. Think I will start a campaign to get the GSM for Armilla Patrol too.
  8. I was in Cairo for the run up to TELIC and if it hadn't been for those bloody Turks I would have got the TELIC OSM (and believe me, Cairo was no holiday with the Gyppoes chucking rocks and shoes and stuff at any westerner who wasn't French!!!! ... and it was a bit hot and sandy so it wouldn't have been a complete walt session) - as it was I went in and out of EyeRack a few times from 2003 but never stayed long enough to qualify under the 30 day rule and can't be arsed trying to add up under the new rules now I have left the mob
  9. I survived the Imps in Faslane on the night England played (and beat) Scotland, that must be worth something!!!
  10. Now you’re talking a hostelry of eminence of ever there was one, you deserve a gong for being able to negotiate that magnetic carpet.
  11. Further to the original post, I heard from the NAAFI manager that they were going to cast the OSM out of the metal from destroyed Libyan tanks - gen dit.
  12.'d better check that out with your window cleaner !
  13. Sort of lost it's rustic charm when they changed that carpet. Glad I wasn't the carpet fitter who had to dig it up.
  14. I forgot this is UN and NATO led so there could be more medals, unfortunately RAF & RN personnel who qualify will not be allowed to wear the UN or NATO medals if they receive an OSM. If a new Libyan government is formed after Gadaffi is toppled the new libyan government could award RAF & RN personnel a Libyan foreign medal as well so there could be four medals for another three week campaign. Better still than the Gulf war in 1991 when there was three medals awarded for a three week campaign. UK Generals will not be pleased if so many medal are being issued and the Army miss out.
  15. Never got one for The Cod War or Beira Patrol.
    Or surviving The Gut when the natives went mad one afternoon after a shooting.
    Didn't get one for the so called Cold War neither.
    Not that I'm bitter!

  16. And avoiding the clutches of Big Nance, I think I should get one too.
  17. As always I consulted with him before posting.
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  18. Yep still awaiting mine. My god that was as shite cold trip.
  19. Has anyone heard any rumours of an Op Kipion gong while we are at it?
  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    No. The current TELIC CSM will be awarded.

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