New online radio for users of ARRSE, Rum Ration and egoat


Take a look at

What do you think? The idea is ever evolving with feedback, so more from you blokes here would be appreciated. What would you like to hear, when would you listen etc.

The idea of putting on some content for those on ops using the computer terminals has cropped up, (I'm guessing they have headsets) like adult comedy, general messages (shout-outs if you like) for troops/batteries/platoons/whatever, upcoming events.

I'm thinking a cross between BFBS, good morning Vietnam, NAAFI humour and general good tuneage.

Anybody that would be interest in volunteering some time to do shows PM me.



War Hero
Quite frankly, as long as there is Radio 3 and Radio 4 and the Listen Again service I don't need any other radio station. Thanks, but no thanks.


Fair comment (and thanks). The whole point of the content would be to provide what the existing services don't, so if you are content with those as they are the fair enough, the new service wouldn't be for you!

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