New Olympic Logo....

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by AfterSSE, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. Hey at first I thought wtf...but then it sort of grows on ya...Lol

  2. It's not grown on me, except as a carbuncle. The 2012 Olympics are a massive waste of money, just to get a very small minority of freaks running, jumping and throwing things to prove that their country is better in some way. :protest:
  3. Well said Wardmaster i'm with you all the way in this one!The money would have been better spent on keeping RNH Haslar open!
  4. It's pants arse, sorry AFTERSSE. :)

    Let's hope the government (whatever fairytale party is in?) in 2012 have more luck with the Olympics than they did with the Mellenium Dome?
  5. apologies to me, it's not the original as I am sure they wouldn't want this version plastered about town, I was being how you say facetious.... :thumright:
  6. FACIETIOUS. No appluse please....
  7. i like what you've done with it mate, it certainly needed something doing to it ;)
  8. Err are you trying to correct my spelling... brushteeth
  9. Oh crap. I before E except after C....

  10. Hmmm actually my version is correct...
    Just a little ole "e" after the c... :thumright:

    (Are you having a go at me...[​IMG])
  11. Whats "Appluse?" :notworthy:
  12. £4000.00 for a load of shite . cant believe it , well I can actualy , couldn't make it up . :frustrated:
  13. It's ten times worse than that; it cost £40,000.
  14. Thought it was £400,000?
  15. No, hang on! It cost £400,000. :banghead:
  16. Sorry to make you even madder, but your figure is missing a couple of zero's

    Edit: geez you guy's are the way that's $839,848.00 CDN :money:
  17. Thought I was correct [​IMG]
  18. It rages on....

    A No 10 spokesman, when asked if Tony Bliar liked the logo design. replied "I think it is better if the PM expresses his own view, but I am not sure you would get a clear answer" -- just about sums up the ten years he's been in the office really, doesn't it ?
  19. ROFLMAO...that should be engraved on his future headstone.... :thumright:
  20. That logo looks like SS runes…

    Rather fitting after 10 years of 'Der Feuhrer running this country

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