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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by JimDerDog, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. Please dont all shout at me at once, its not my fault...I am a brand new shiny know-nothing-at-all acting subbie on a limited budget, struggling with the concept that I now have to buy everything instead of having it all handed to me. I have been looking around at options for uniform in Pompey - L Bernard (oily), Baun (cheap and nasty) and Tailor Lee (unknown quantity). The other option was Tin Trousers second hand sales from the Nelson Wardrobe, but this has apparently shut down.
    Anyone have any thoughts, good or bad, on Tailor Lee? Any other suggestions for second hand uniforms? Other than ebay which seems populated by people with no chest, no waist or very wierd combinations of the two... Any help appreciated. :cry:
  2. Try:

    I believe these are now the official supplier for MTM No 1s for JR/SR and if I remember correctly they are quite cheaper than Louis Bernard for a mess undress. My Bauns mess undress is fine, don't want to wear something too expensive for pi$$ing up in!!!!!
  3. I concur with "Comms", when I was commissioned, I bought a Ready Made and MTM No5s and Mess Undress from Bauns. First day at RNC Greenwich, some of the other SDOGC members who had paid an arm and a leg with Thieves and Hawkes, for their uniforms were ripped up for a**e paper, mine were fine.

    PS even managed a few runs ashore on the money I saved from the Clothing Allowance.
  4. I disagree on your Baun&Co assessment - I think they're great. Reasonably priced, excellent quality and nice people. I don't rate Tailor Lee at all - he is the definition of cheap and cheerful. All IMHO, of course.
  5. Have they stopped making your uniform suits when you go through Dartmouth then?

    Baun & Co did the job perfectly well for me back in 1993.
  6. Yeah did you not get pretty much everything you needed from BRNC? Mess kit and 1, if not 2, sets of No.1's?
  7. RNR officers still get the cash grant rather than issued uniform. I think it works better, because most people don't get down to Dartmouth for at least six months, and I prefer the freedom of choosing my own tailor.
  8. is kp lau not around any more? best uniform supplier the navy ever had
  9. Baun and Co. Don't judge a book by its cover young fella. Excellent quality and service at a fraction of the cost of the others.

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