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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by YouAreHavingALaugh, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. I see the MOD have finally woken up to the fact that the 4.5 gun did not quite meet the criteria for NGS.

    We had a good NGS gun the 6 inch and a good AA gun the 3 inch.

    Someone decide that an in between would do the job of both, HELLO we all new that it would not.

    Even now some PWO's still think the 4.5 can be used for AA.

    At last it has now been seen that the main role of our gun is for NGS, so we will be getting a modified 155mm gun to fit the existing housings we have now. How much will that cost I wonder.

    And before someone jumps in and states we use it for close protection or shot over the bow, we do not. That is what the 20/30mm are for.

    In recent operations use of our guns has been for NGS and therefore needs to be able to produce the goods.

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  2. The original requirement for a 5" gun dates back to 1945… The Argies were able to harrass some of the ships on the gunline off Stanley with 155 arty back in 82.

    BAE said years ago they could fit a 155 into the existing Mk8 mount… MoD ignored them as they were dreaming of collaborative venture über gun.

    Moving smartly on, no money for über gun, 'hello BAE, about that cheap fix you came up with'?

    Nothing new under the sun where MoD procurement is concerned.
  3. Must have been very long ranged 155s!!! :thumright:

  4. 22,000m vs 22,000m
  5. It would have had to be 22 000m vs 400 nm in 83!!!!
  6. Doh, stubby fingers!

  7. sorry pinky mode- bigger calibre means longer range and bigger bangs when the shell gets there right? is the rate of fire lowered also?
  8. Bout halved, but you do get a lot more, (and more accurate with GPS guidance), bang for your buck.
  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Merge threads please.
  10. Talking about the upgrading of the 4.5" Mk8 to 155mm, the bit that has me wondering is the ammunition handling. Am I right in thinking that the 6" in BLAKE and TIGER had highly automated feed arrangements so that the rate of fire could be sustained? Retrofitting into existing hulls or even the T45 might cover the handling from the feed-ring upwards but I feel sorry for the handlers that will have to shift 155mm projectiles weighing around 96lbs when the 4.5 round is of the order of 85lbs.
  11. Time to bring back the Field Gun competition! They could have carried a 155mm under each arm!

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