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Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by spearfish, May 14, 2008.

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  1. I recently received an email from the Janes group about a new book.

    Introducing Jane's World Navies
    your comprehensive coverage and assessment
    of the world’s naval forces

    Jane's is very pleased to announce the availability of our new reference publication, Jane’s World Navies, your essential resource for understanding command, operational and deployment data and analysis on the world's navies, including recent operational activity.

    Joining Jane’s popular series World Armies and
    World Air Forces, World Navies completes our
    tri-service information offering covering the world’s
    major armed forces.

    Jane’s World Navies focuses on the capabilities of each force to undertake its core roles, enabling users to:

    * gain insight into the training, command and control, doctrine, strategy, and order of battle for each navy
    * assess current naval developments and
    recent operations
    * evaluate global training exercises (methodology/multinational exercises etc.)

    Sounds like an interesting book,but lets now have a look at the


    UK £1,485.00
    US $2,420.00
    AU $3,845.00


    UK £1,273.00
    US $2,335.00
    AU $3,555.00

    Softbound 2008-2009

    UK £890.00
    US $1,470.00
    AU $2,320.00
    Perhaps we could buy a single copy for the whole forum to share!
  2. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I'm alright Jack. I've got a log-on for full access to the Janes website :D
  3. i admit it does sound interesting but surely no book is worth that amount of money !!!???
  4. Went to Fareham library today to look at "Janes Fighting Ships 2007-08"
    But the newest one they have there is the 03-04 copy the newest in Hants is the 06-07 in Winchester. If you fancy your own copy of the lattest one they are available for £ 503 Ouch!!
  5. I managed to get an oldish copy 3 years ago from RNSD Llangenech for nothing......Bargin

  6. My - how the hours must fly by when reading through that lot.

    You guys need to buy a TV.

  7. Or some quality Frankie!
  8. I`ve got a TV thats why I`m here. :dwarf:

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