New National Anthem ?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nicks, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. If it was banned for being too patriotic then that is ridiculous, I thought the idea of singing the national anthem was too be patriotic.
    I think it may have been banned because it is associated with the BNP.
  2. How the fwk can a song be to Patriotic? that is an absoulte joke, and some thing this country needs to stop. it makes my blood boli that a person can't express their love of their country without being branded a raceist, I'm 100% patriotic. 203 years ago Nelson's famous call that England expects every man to do his duty, would no doubt be cencored in todays climate!! shame it was allowed to get to this :(
  3. England, oh England.

    'Red, White...and Blue?'

  4. Our country is the United Kingdom or, if you prefer, Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
    That Nelson expected England to do its duty displayed his parochial Norfolk attributes.
    Even today, in its most rural parts, they're still inclined to point if they see a car.
  5. Six cars with one hand I do believe.
  6. thing is that most of the silly barstewards who sing it actually go to the costas for their holidays ... rofl
  7. Far better than ours, but then again we don't really have one. The Principality have a good one as well.

    The 'English' anthem is a dirge for all of Great Britain - not specific to England.

    I'd go for 'Jerusalem' as Billy Bragg's 'Half-English' probably wouldn't get past the Daily Mail cencors (sic).
  8. Yer i'll back you up there, I think Jerusalem should be our anthem.
  9. Another Latvian on here! :thumright:
  10. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    What about 'Rule Brittania', it puts the RN in its rightful place. Ruling the waves. (at least it used to!)
  11. Yes, but again it refers to Britain, (or Brittain if you wish) not England.
  12. Anyway, obviously a tot for yesterday, but hope all the English will join me in toasting our Patron Saint on 20 November.

    Cry God for Harry, England and...St Edmund.
  13. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    As I am not a separatist, the last time I looked we were still 'Great Britain'.
  14. Sorry (granny) - crossed wires.

    The link at the start of this thread was a (rather twee) song called 'England, oh England' in which the lyricists and some of the following posters got very confused between England and Brit(t)ain.

    I am no separatist either.

    Bit of a don't give a shitist if the truth be known.
  15. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I know that I'm getting old but I think that the subject is 'New National Anthem'. National, to me, is British.
  16. Regrettably to many living in England there is no difference in their minds between British and English. I suspect this may be a result of the many centuries of effort expended by England to destroy the individual cultures of the non English parts of the Union.

  17. Having listened to the song England oh England it was little more than a ditty chanted out with some folksy guitar playing as accompaniment. Not a good song or tune in anybodies book. If you want them words as your anthem then you need a far better tune than that.

    Now "Flower of Scotland" really stirs even me and I am far from being a Jock hailing from Surrey but that is the sort of song and tune you need. Currently IMHO only "Jerusalem" meets my opinion of English Anthem and is only used by the W.I. so is available. Now if the exact meaning of the word content is important to you then I can only say:

    "Must Try Harder"

    The problem is that Wales, Scotland and N.I. are really such a minor part of the population of UK PLC making up about 10 million all together, Wales 2.800,000, Scotland 5,300,000 and N.I 1,600,000 and need and have always used a strong National Identity and history to maintain their place in what has become the United Kingdom. The English all 49,500,000 of them being confident by size alone in their existence really have no need for these trappings of Nationalism.

    If the are going to become Nationalistic then may I suggest that the 29% of English people who live in South East England, that being, London, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckingham, Hertfordshire and Essex who produce over 50% of the United Kingdoms GNP should tell the rest of you to Feck Off cos we don't actually need you even in todays financial climate.

    So lets look for a separate South East England and find a Anthem for that.


    PS approx population figures taken from NSO
  18. MY we are on a crusade today Nutty, with one hand all us Celts are dismissed as irrelevances in the grand scheme of things, then with the other all those from the North fortunate descendants of the Vikings are equally consigned to the scrap heap all to the greater glory of the City of London spivs and gamblers (who have helped bring the world to it's financial knees) and their servants and supporter.

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