New Muslim Terror Tactics


Lantern Swinger

As there is no mention of Mo (is he Little Mo or Big Mo?) I assume I am safe from fatwah?


They don't like to be called Ragheads or Towelheads anymore , as they now wear small sheets on on there heads instead , so we can now call them Little Sheetheads , bless !!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
Who said the whale didn't go off? Look at that pic more closely. Notice: "Big Ben" has been obliterated and the tall building on the left, the Victoria Tower, has been shifted from the far end of the Palace of Westminster into the Peers' Car Park! Also the tower above Central Lobby now stands infront of St.Stephen's Entrance! :roll:

Shedders_Middy... I like your caption. It's just perfect! It reminds me of a GI I read about several years ago. He was demonstrating how to load a breech loading gun (bear in mind I know nothing about guns, as a civvy!) and when closing the end of the gun it removed his thumb. He said to the class 'And that is what happens is you don't concentrate on what you're doing!' or words to that effect, and only then fainted. Impressive men, these people! :| (I wish there was a smiley for being "deeply impressed")



Two Middle East mothers are sitting in the cafe chatting over a
pint of goat's milk.

The older of the mothers pulls her bag out and starts flipping
through pictures and they start reminiscing.

"This is my oldest son Mohammed. He's 24 years old now."

"Yes, I remember him as a baby," says the other mother cheerfully.

"He's a martyr now though," mum confides.

"Oh, so sad dear," says the other.

"And this is my second son, Khalid. He's 21."

"Oh, I remember him," says the other happily, "he had such curly
hair when he was born."
"He's a martyr too," says mum quietly.

"Oh gracious me " says the other.

"And this is my third son. My baby. My beautiful Ahmed. He's
18," she whispers.

"Yes," says the friend enthusiastically, "I remember when he first
started school."

"He's a martyr also," says mum, with tears in her eyes.

After a pause and a deep sigh, the second Muslim mother looks
wistfully at the photographs and says..

"They blow up so fast, don't they?"


War Hero
A fella is running around pouring petrol over muslims.

Police pull him and say "What do your think you're doing?"

Fella replies "About 15 to the gallon"

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