New Mr Men


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Mr. Grantham - he's an annoying Walt who has a "variable/multiple identity" complex, brought on by a self-perceived martyrdom campaign, designed to denigrate the Ministry of Defence. Also thinks he's better at English composition than he really is... 8O
Mr Gangsta Rapperwannabe, hopeless white unemployed waster who lives in Milton Keynes but dreams of livin' in South Central LA and bustin' caps in any Mofo who disses his Biyatch (Except him of course).
Oh the fun Roger Hargreaves could have and just imagine old Arthur Lowe doing the voice over for the new Mr Men TV show.


War Hero
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Mr Bump would become Mr Compensation
Mr Tidy would become Mr OCD
Mr Messy would become Mr Hobo
Mr Strong would become Mr Steroid
Mr Sneeze would become Mr Cokehead
Mr Forgetful would become Mr Altzheimer
Mr Small would become Mr Vertically-Challenged
Mr Wrong would become Mr Labour-Government

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