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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Paddingtonbear, Feb 23, 2011.

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  1. I've heard we are looking at the Boeing P8. Apparently Nimrod was riddled with problems and was some way off actually being safe. Buying an off the shelf Boeing that could be maintained and certified in the same way civilian airliners are would be a significant cost saving. Not an expert on this but saw this link

    Navy to buy new aircraft - East Hampshire - The News
  2. I'm sure they will be operated by the crabs!!
  3. Boeing P8

    Has anyone hear anymore about what's happening to the MPRA replacement?
  4. Cock all. And we won't for at least another 2 years.
  5. Current plan (I believe) is at some point down the line to lease P-8 Posiedon from the US Govt in much the same way as we did initially with the C-17. Acft will be operated by RAF utilising MPA expertise being kept in train by blokes & girls currently on loan to RAAF / RNZAF / CAF and USN. Timescales tbd but as has been alluded to above I wouldn't expect to see any advances for the next 3-4yrs minimum.

    That's the plan, anyway. Whether or not it survives contact with SDSR 2015 is quite another matter; I know where I'd be placing my money if I were a subscriber...........

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  6. Well you can imagine the constitution of the crew if the crabs get hold of the thing. 2 x pilots, 1 x navigator, 1 x tactical navigator. 3 x wet systems operators, 3 x dry operators, 1 x anyone to launch the jezz bouys and finally 1 x te maker = 12 crew.

    Naval crew. 1 x pilot, 1 x observer, 2 x aircrewman, = 4 crew.

    Don't even want to think about support personnel.
  7. Thanks! It will be interesting come 2015 what the additional options will be with palletised MPRA equipment for cargo aircraft, pods and UAV's will bring....


    The above Goverment report on the future of UK Maritime Patrol poses many questions, and leaves many more unanswered.

    "The Committee is also concerned about the withdrawal of other maritime surveillance assets, such as the Type 22 Broadsword Frigates, and the potential for other capability gaps to occur in the future, for example when the Sea King (SKASaC) helicopter is taken out of service in 2016 to be replaced by Project CROWSNEST operating from the Merlin Mk 2 helicopter. However the report acknowledges the work the MoD has undertaken to explore the potential options for maritime surveillance in the longer term, such as unmanned systems, lighter-than-air vehicles and space technology."

    CROWSNEST by 2016??? I see the SKASaC being extended to 2020 before CROWSNEST is ready or a dedicated (Crab) MPA is in service.

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