New Mod


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Must remember Higs, site owners have the right to choose who they want. even if they did ask for suggestions a couple of months ago.


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You boring bunch of [email protected] Have you got nothing better to do than slate,whinge,bitch about how this site is run. Your like a bunch of fish wives. Just get on with it will you and let the site tick over. Just because you lot want AAC to be a mod doesnt mean he will become one.

If you dont like how Rum Ration is being run , then do one .I am sick of your fecking bitching.
Perhaps if the question of how Mods are selected was answered there wouldn`t be any bitching about it, i asked a fair question, when did Silver Fox become a Mod? as usual when a question is asked about a Mod, they get all twitchy, perhaps for once a question could be answered without all the crap that mods come up with.


War Hero
He has been a MOD for a few weeks. He was selected by the Good CO and Bad CO.Nothing to do with the MODS. Its all about positive input into the site , having a balanced view and not being Mr popular with the site whingers.That is my opinion and not Rum Rations site policy by the way. Once again if you dont like it ,feck off.
From what I understand Silverfox is very well places in terms of geography and position to safeguard the current affairs forum.


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neg underscore ;)

silverfox as opposed to Silver_Fox

Noticed it a week or so ago, kind of surprised there was no announcement but I'm not running things.

Congratulations silverfox anyway


War Hero
I believe that SF will bring both maturity and fairness to the site, something which in one or two of the MODs seem to be lacking.
It would have been nice for an announcement to have been made though.


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Not that I am paraniod or that a give a toss. I am the site Moderator for the Submariners forum. I will always try to moderate that forum to the best of my ability.As for the rest of Rum Ration I am the same as everyone else .I do think this has been covered several times before.


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Book Reviewer
I got to be a MOD in the usual fashion - liberal dispensation of cash, recreational drugs and sexual favours.......
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