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Since we reached 3000 members, membership has risen quite sharply, but in the joined yesterdaybox, 0, joined today, 0. Yet there is always a newest member :???:

Are new members creeping in by the backdoor somehow : :eek:
The_French_Bird said:

I knew a British sailor once.

Is he here?

x x x
Yes. And you'll find the English word for 'knew' has an older more archaic meaning and it's that older meaning that he refers to when relating his acquaintance with you.

Look for a man with a scary avatar.
Standard_Bearer has a point. In the members list we have 5 new members joining today (21 March), but on the home page the total for new members today is 0.

Something is not working right methinks. Sooooooo time to get a dabber and a hammer.
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