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welcome, and do pop into the chat room of an evening, we would love to meet you. Hig will ask you if you have photos and if you are a walt, just ignore him.


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rosinacarley said:
Stripey_G said:
Welcome very afraid of the Chatroom!!! :D :D

Tsk stripey - is that why we don't see you in there much? You're afraid of the little girlies? Awww we will be gentle with you!!!!

The reason Rosie is that i have been very busy with crimbo and all!
(Actually....rat asrsed for four days!!)....but then again, i am afraid of your pussies!!! :D :D :D :D :D
Welcome onboard our cyber pusser's war canoe. Don't play with the plug at the moment or the whole thing might sink as the software is being fiddled with.

The chatroom is quite safe, just so long as you're into furry things known colloquially as pussies, you don't mind girlie as well as man chat and you're not scared of anything pink and fluffy! :lol:

I should warn you that if you trained in the RN's premier public school for ratings in Shotley, you should always refer to it as the G-Spot or G-Place as its real name scares the shits out of the Raleigh (playstation) generation. :wink: Also Jenny_D will tell you off! :p

Have fun mate.