New Member seeking info on John Boyland, HMS Cambrian....


I would love to find more information on John Boyland, of HMS Cambrian ca. 1840's India and discover if this is, in fact, the same John Boyland who lost life on The Rattler near Burma in 1852. Thank you in advance.
Since Boyland's time predates Continuous Service you will have to look in the various ships' Muster Lists, in Admiralty Records at the National Archives. Best to start with the RATTLER's and work backwards, to see which 'ship last served in' and if it leads back to HMS CAMBRIAN. However, such long service in the East Indies might introduce a complication or two...
Thanks murchadh! I am in the United States....I assume these records would be in London, is that correct? Can anyone here assist with that search?? Thanks

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