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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Mook, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Hi found this site by accident and it seems like good crack. Here's a bit about me

    I'm an ex-nod (843tp) and was binned after final exercise. On the syllabus I was on it was tests then final ex. I got through tests, and after ffx 1 & 2 went out on final ex. At the time I was getting grief from the missus and my Dad has fallen ill. Like a nobber instead of asking for some compassionate or just plain ignoring it I wrapped on final ex, got sent back to CTC and discharged

    Got home, worked shitty jobs split with that lass and Dad turned out fine. Still my biggest regret in life and something I'm looking to rectify in about 6 months or so.

    Going to be a ball ache literally doing training twice but I've managed to maintain fitness and have the heads up of what to expect etc

    I'll mainly be reading as I'm hardly online but if anyone prepping for training have any questions I'm willing to answer if I get a chance

    Sorry for the long post, Darren
  2. Just to clarify aswell people, I've seen a lot of posts from some right divvys recently who seem to be here just to take the piss

    I can guarantee this isn't me lol
  3. You've experienced the recruit side and suffered great disappointment - Many a recruit has underestimated that final exercise! - but you have the balls to do it all again. Good for you. Why not try for the YOs course this time around instead? What you have been through is useful experience. Just a thought.
  4. Mook,

    Did a similar thing when I joined the RAF about a decade ago. Pulled out because of a knee injury which meant they wouldn't let me complete the fitness and final exercise, but went back on the next course and passed out..

    Realised a year later that being a crab sucks and joined the RNR - never looked back ;)
  5. Hi mate cheers for the reply, I've just turned 25 and the only formal ed quals I have are GCSE's, taking the time out to get A levels etc would have me joining at the same time as drawing a pension :lol:

    As it happens I've been to the AFCO today to make sure things were going ok and they've just recieved my TRC from training but everything seems to be sound for a re-join
  6. Sorry

    Realised a year later that being a crab sucks and joined the RNR - never looked back

    Were you in the RAF reserve?

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