new "meet your messenger"

two people have invited me to join their messenger network. I'm not clear what this is and whether or not it enables microsoft and the individuals concerned to access information about me and my address book and vice versa.

It seems rather rude to email them back saying "hey what is this load of old bollocks" and the 'more info' doesn't really explain the purpose of the whole thing.

Anyone got any idea?

If you know the individuals - fine. If not, they may be taking advantage of your good nature - ignor them.

This sounds like MSN or Yahoo's chat? If so, it’s like using 'live chat' in here on RR (you might want to give that a try to see what its all about). In theory they are not able to access and personal information on you but, there are quite a lot on MSN viruses about that take advantage of MSN vulnerabilities. A word of caution, don't open any links/attachments sent to you even if you know the person. This is the most common way of a virus infecting your machine whilst using chat programs

That said, as long as you've got a good antivirus and your 'windows update' are up to date, there shouldn't be a problem. If you’re in work though, make sure you know the company’s stance on instant chat. Most companies don’t allow you to use them.


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Slighttly off tangent but if that worries you - a friend advised me to use Peerguardian Peer Guardian2 (yup occassionally I torrent a few films before I deploy - but only occassionaly) - it was more because I seem to get loads of attacks and my firewall goes bonkers.

Lo and behold who is the biggest culprit pinging my PC? The US DoD Network Information Centre, googled this and I am not alone. All very curious.
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