New Lt. Cmds.

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by athwartship, May 17, 2008.

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  1. The new Lt Cmds as of 1 October 2008 are:-

    Bainbridge, Carroll,Enever,Keith,McCannity,Milligan,Owen,Potter,Speake,Tuppen and Turner. All Provisionally Selected.
  2. Is a Lt Cmd like a Lt Cdr?
  3. No that's something quite different
    Lt Cdr is from the Royal Tongan Navy.
    It refers to the Commodore who's the lighter of the two Royal Commodores .
    The heavier one has always been referred to as HrL Cdr.
    Please see that Countries 2007 Navy List.
  4. Can we have something more interesting. Such as when and where the above are putting a barrel on and how we may gain entry to the event? :thumright:
  5. Just Roll -In
  6. And there’s me thinking a Lt Cdr was a Lieutenant Commander.

  7. No that was always a Light Commodore. Him or her flying half a ball a full Commodore was all balls,
  8. So what's a Lt Cmd?
  9. A bit like a L/Cpl /Chief Inspector , Major . Ranks to promote those who would otherwise have been passed -over .
    They are non-ranks.
  10. Thank, your particular God then, that we do not have any in the Royal Navy Norma.

  11. Not wishing to engage with the topic at hand (yet) I'm sat here wondering whether you are high, drunk, both or merely engaged in a [losing] battle with the keyboard when you write/type this [near-]jibberish?
    :pc: :homework:

  12. PNG it is Norma who has a bee in his many alias's bonnet about two and half ringers in the RN cos his son/grandson was passed over.

    If you see any thread about to many RN Officers from 2.5's to 5*'s and the amount of ships/sailors then Norm would have started it.

    Then again stick your two penny worth in cos its always good for an argument.

  13. No son. No grandson. Don't know who Norm is -- But-- so far as Squadron Leaders, Majors and Lt. Cmds. are concerned --They are are Passed -Over ranks. An old and bold ex-lower deck Lt. Make him a Two and a Half before he ( she these days) leaves to up his pension.
    It was ever thus
  14. I'm sure you probably believe what you're saying but believe me when I say that Lt Cdr is widely recognised at the only abbreviation in current use for Lieutenant Commander.

    Cdre is the abbreviation for Commodore in our Navy at least.

  15. Now that is so.
    I had assumed that LT CDR had been eschewed due to its confusion with CDRE .
    However, it seems not to be the case and that both Lt. Cdr and Lt. Cmdr
    are to continue as worthless ranks
  16. Why do you call them "worthless"?

  17. Because they are.
    Senior Lts and Captains that MOD wishes to rid of itself ;does so by making them a half rank higher for pension purposes.
    It was ever thus,
  18. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Norman you really really really have it in for Lt Cdrs.
  19. Norman
    They are not worthless, with young skin sailors being in short supply and LtCdrs getting ever younger I'm sure that they would have some value to the brown hatters brigade.
  20. Who's Norman ? Really?
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