New Lord High Admiral


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I get this subliminal flash intermittently telling me you are not a fan of the Admiral Guzz.
I get all kind of images flash through the void that used to be my mind nowadays, something has to fill the space.:-D

I don't dislike him 'rat, I just think he's a complete and utter dribbling idiot.

Doesn't necessarily make him a bad person.


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I've heard of hi-jacking a thread, but this one takes the biscuit.....What part of 'New Lord High Admiral' didn't you plonkers understand. ?
See how polite I am?


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You are a bonafide lunatic aren't you? Who on earth are you talking to now?

What the fucks up with you Monty, didn't you ever have an invisible friend.
Anyway I now intend to show you how I cracked the Admirals code.
Drink a bottle of pussers rum (half bottle if you're a lightweight) and everything he says makes perfect sense.:laughing2:
The Admiral does seem a tad light on his tan loafers, pink gin, rivoting the baby steward and of course inviting baby sailors like me to the London Boat show, yes I know you Admiral, as I recall you had a remarkably small penis but sadly it stuck out of your head not your trousers and had a slight talcum powder fragrance to it.
Please reply because oddly like the X factor I find you irritatingly curiously mildly amusing.

But just fcuk off now old chap it does get boring after a while.


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The inauguration of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh as Lord High Admiral and his receipt of the Letters Patent has taken place today, followed by a lunch given in his honour at Admiralty House by the First Sea Lord.


HRH The Duke of Edinburgh during the ceremony


HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh at Admiralty House


The Inauguration


HM The Queen with the Navy Board


HM The Queen and HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh, accompanied by the First Sea Lord, being shown a map detailing current naval deployments by Admiral Sir Trevor Soar
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This has done two things

a) Pissed off the FSL as up till now HE thought he was the top Admiral in the Navy! or perhaps the FSL got on her tits once too often!

b) Saved Liz a few bob as she couldn't be arsed to nip down to the local Primart to get Phil the Greek a proper prezzie!



I have two observations from this article.

1) Where does the Queen look unimpressed?

2) The Warrant needs to get himself down the tailoress quick sharp and sort his number 1's out. Nothing like setting an example in fronty of Royalty by looking like a monumental bag of bum sausage.