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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Salty_Rupert, Jun 10, 2011.

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  1. Queen makes Duke of Edinburgh head of the Navy as 90th birthday gift - Telegraph

  2. I just wonder if HM is a tad embarassed at the reduced size of the fleet, so gives himself the title, plus a boating lake, or more plastic ducks for his bath.
  3. Quite right dear Trog,
    Though your Navy and mine was considerably bigger in the fifties than it is now, and more fun no doubt to most of us than the modern effort, However Just love our Queen and Dear Phillip, Krikee has he got some time in,Though Comomdor of the Chelsea sailing club might be more appropriate, Better looking chicks Hmmmmmmm
  4. How do you know it's more fun than the Navy today? Throbber
  5. ==========================================================


    I must have missed it - What is supposed to have done wrong now to deserve this one?
  6. Dunnow Throbber,
    Just guessing, But I am sure it was, life was much simpler then. Easy squeezy , 4 squares a day a place to sling your mick.
    Act green keep clean and F of ashore was the watch word.
    Fun oh yes it was
    No IT crap or cell phones that would land you in the Court at the Hague should you do the right thing,and some commie filmed it.
    Think about it Throbber old Mate.
    The old Navy was a very cool place to belong to , My Family in fact ,loved it bits.
    God Bless
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  7. I agree with Admiral Throbber.........we had more ships in more places so chances are we saw more of the world.. hence more runs ashore in different places, hence more fun.... in a throbbing sort of way !

  8. Lots of throbbing and not much fun if you caught a dose, not that I ever did just lucky I guess.
  9. More fun if you're a lazy ****** who's career never amounted to **** all other than 22 years pissed on a paint cat.

    "served" my arse, tourists.

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  10. And you joined for what ?............death or glory......or to be able to communicate with an iPhone using Tapatalk......throbber !

    and btw... it's you're not your ! .... literate... my arse !
  11. That was quick. Satisfactory result achieved.

    P.s. I joined for money.

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  12. Subsunk

    Subsunk Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I reckon he deserves recognition. He makes the E and D brigade angry and this alone makes me happy.
  13. I heard he was known as "Oops Mountbatten!" because of his superior berthing skills.
  14. What's the E and D brigade?
  15. Fair do's, you got me there.
    You really are a master mong baiter.........or should that be mong master baiter...... anyway, I suppose being shafted, sorry, drafted to darkest Cornwall you need all the compensation you can get.

    Sent from civilisation.........with my sympathy.
  16. Summed up rather well dear Flagdeck

    Bless you old chap.

    Uncle B.
  17. Well matee until you have tried it It aint easy,
    It can be flaming hard.
    However I met his chief steward/chef many years ago in Malta.
    Great chap. his party piece was to insert a six inch nail into his flacid dick, highly buffed up of coarse.
    A true Naval type chap long gone now
    And chaps for the Gong hunters get on the the CinCs staff you will get heaps.
  18. What are you on about?
  19. I think Admiral is angling for the post of mess retard

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