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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Good_CO, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Updated 'theme' - RN and Safe at Work

    All users of the RN-look Rum Ration should now be on the new version of the site. I will change the RM one shortly. There are a whole list of reasons why we did the update which are discussed here:

    (the new format was trialled on ARRSE).

    I hope you like the improvements and please if you have any questions about it, read the thread above before asking.
  2. Mark all topics Read

    Please Good CO
    Can we have a Mark all topics read button at the top as well as the bottom as in days of yore.
  3. Re: Mark all topics Read

    No sorry, it got chopped to simplify things and as general feedback was that only a few people used it. I've been trying to get rid of the less used clutter from the top, and surely it's not so much to ask to scroll down? Another suggestion is to bookmark the link to make things quicker if that bothers you.
  4. Hello - I just remembered I hadn't said how much I appreciated the new look site that's now available. Your hard work makes life a lot easier for those of us who don't have private workspace and potentially sensitive colleagues looking over their shoulders.

    I can now only enjoy the naked ladies bottoms at home - but hey - there's an upside to everything ... they are rather intimidating anyway ...

    Thanks again for the effort - have a good one


  5. The new site looks GREEEEEAAAAT! :)
  6. Stop arse licking Steve. I still want an all tems read button at the top cos I'm too idle to scroll down.
  7. I think it looks too "dumbed down" if you know what I mean.
    If there is a problem viewing the site while at your place of work, then don't!
  8. No, Not really.

    If anything it looks slicker, getting rid of all the schoolkid graphics is a good thing IMO.

  9. I'm sorry, have you suddenly taken over ownership of the site?
    Mind your own business then!!
  10. Huh? What brought that on?

    In all honesty I don't know what you meant about it looking dumbed down, or we may be talking at cross purposes. If you don't like the worksafe version you don't have to use it. I prefer it to either of the other options because it lets me focus on the communication aspect of the site and not all the peurile pictures and sig blocks that take up a whole screen.
  11. This change was basically brought about by people moaning that they couldn't see it at work. I think it looks a lot worse.
    If you shouldn't be looking at this site at work anyway, and can't see it properly then IMO thats just tough :)
    I have no option wrt the worksafe version. This is the only way i can see the site, even though i'm at home :)
  12. Depends on your employer, and what you do.

    If you go through your options dialogue page you can select which of the three versions is default.

    If the issue is the clean lines and the colour pallette, then yes that's fixed.
  13. Karma, what part of
    Don't you understand mate? No matter what RN theme I select, it looks the same since the change ;)
  14. ah, terminology :)

    All the worksafe option does is bin the icons and sig-blocks.

    We're using the same terminology for different things.

    Sorry, not long out of a meeting about website design, so my assumption threshold is higher than usual ;)
  15. No, probably had my belligerence switch flicked this morning :)
  16. Feedlines 'R' Us!
  17. i dont know what uve done but my pc ( and a few others ) just keeps crashing now on this site
  18. I don't understand the problem you're having ("no option wrt the worksafe version" doesn't tell me whether you're stuck on it or can't choose it). Which theme are you stuck on the one which is 90% white or the one that is dark blue with a ship in the top left?

    Have you tried going to and changing the theme box at the top, then saving your choice by submitting using the button at the bottom?

    Once we've got that sorted I'll address any 'dumbed down' problems.

    To the others, thanks for the positive feedback. Very much appreciated.
  19. There's absolutely nothing I can do to make your PC crash even if I wanted to so the site is definitely innocent.

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