'New look' for Royal Navy Police

Discussion in 'RR Greatest Threads' started by Passed-over_Loggie, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. From Truth Central this morning; but dated yesterday;



    With a budget hole the size of planet, a shrinking capability and Units stretched to their limits, it's good to know that we can concentrate on the serious business of Jointery.
  2. No mater what the badging, once a bar steward always a bar steward!!!!!! :wink:

    Apart from issueing warrants for leave!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. They have not done that for many years mate, was handed over to the Writers/UPO a long time ago, around 93/94 time.

    In fact, what do they 'actually do' now? Apart from wearing naff rank badges :nemo:
  4. I liked it when they operated the gate barriers and asked for ID cards, very fitting. Gate goes up gate goes down.
  5. Is it just me growing more cantankerous or is the standard of reporting getting worse?

    It’s good to know that the Laws the Universe are in good order and that things aren’t reverting forward.
  6. Actually not quite true! The RPO aka Coxswain on board the fishboats when I was in fish, issued the leave warrants.
  7. Why have "RN POLICE" it's not hard to see that the LReg will have a crown on his shirt (as shown in phot) and the RP0/Joss will have a crown on their tie inidcating that they are Reggies!! and if they are wearing jumpers they will also have a crown on their stbd arm just for good measure. Plus the fact that they all live in the Reg orifice is a dead give away. Waste of MOD money on somthing trivial, can't have anything decent to spend the money on. (ships/aircraft/body armour/tanks/fuel/ammo just a few other important things!!!!!)
  8. I like the 'high level' meetings that were held ... :thumbright:

    You don't suppose they wanted it because the RAF have 'police' and the Army have 'em too and they wanted a posh title also ?

    How do they answer the 'phone ? ..... "Leading Policeman Bloggs / Petty Officer Policeman Smiff" ... etc .... :?:

    I bet my old man, an ex Crusher, and sadly ctb this year, would be splitting his sides if heard this - mind you he might be doin so in the other place !!

  9. Splitting hairs a bit there Tommo, even if true. No doubt SPB will be on soon to inform us all of the very hard work they do lifting us innocent young matelots. :)
  10. I remember the classic pipe "P.O Liceman Regulation office"
  11. Aye tis true. He did alot of the office paperwork including Leave Warrants, Drafts etc we only had one writer on board and the RPO. They're also ABO's as well. But bear in mind this is fish patrol mind you and we only had at one point 28 out of the 40 compliment on board due to shortage at that time. But the coxswain did do a fair bit on the fish boats I've got to admit.

    The RPO is now a WOMAA I do believe now.
  12. Can we have a caption competition reference the Photo at the start of this thread as the bald twat in the middle looks like he needs a good verbal caning!!
  13. I bet the WOMAA ain't happy he's only been issued with 3 Eppaulettes(spelling?) not two pairs like the rest
  14. Do you think they heat the ships water supply with that ***** shiny head??? 8O :D
  15. Ooops! a small man, with glasses to boot, in a position of authority. Not much seems to have changed then!
  16. the two and a half is smiling cos he's got a male one side touching his bum and a female the other doing the same!
  17. I thought he was smiling because he'd dropped his bat!! :D
  18. Previous winners of the annual "I was bullied at school" competition join together to recruit personnel who have no chance whatsoever of being promoted in their current trade.
  19. Crushers are easy to spot anyway, just check out the back of the head for the scar, where the brain was removed.

    Failed in your own branch, transfer to the Navy Police!!

    Sorry, but somone was going to say it


  20. :D :D :D

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