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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by lsadirty, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. Was watching SECONDS FROM DISASTER on SKY the other night, about how the KURSK was lost. At the end, there was a trailer for a new programme at 2100 next Friday (August 11th). In this, it seems that there are allegations it was sunk by a torpedo, not the internal explosion that has been more or less accepted as the cause of the sinking. Should be worth a look, but if I remember rightly, aren't the OSCAR's double hulled ? What sort of torpedo could inflict such massive damage and does such a non-nuclear fish exist ?
  2. Was without a doubt an internal explosion.
  3. Just to crosslink with another thread, the KURSK programme is followed by a 30 minute programme on the disapperance of SCORPION.
  4. Watched the KURSK programme last night, different slant on things. The torpedo trial was for the benefit of visiting Chinese officials, who were thinking of buying the new 250mph (not a misprint) ShKVAL torpedo. Apparently, KURSK was being trailed from a distance by MEMPHIS, while TOLEDO was operating very close, and somehow managed to collide with the beast, causing major damage to the US boat. Not too damaged, KURSK allegedly opened her bow caps, so MEMPHIS took her out.
    Again allegedly, an indicator buoy was found in the area (from MEMPHIS), as well as debris from a Mk 48.
    TOLEDO went back to the US for repairs, while MEMPHIS was spotted in Haakonsvern by a Russian sattelite, and a Norwegian photographer photographed her there, with a canvas screen over the hole where the Indicator buoy should have been. Quite honestly, it looked more like the canvas screen we used to rig over the accomodation space hatch in Faslane, but it was only a very brief shot - would need a video of it to make sure, but mine's kaput.
    There was also a shot of an indentation in the hull close to where the front end was cut off, with a circular hole in it, which apparently a Mk 48 with a depleted uranium warhead would cause, which led to the subsequent internal explosion that sank her.
    Quite a good programme, which raised more questions than answers, but well worth watching if it comes on again.

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