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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by johne, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. Well finally got the letter. Go in for a total knee replacement on Wednesday.
    Not looking forward to it at all.:frown:
  2. John

    Surely it will mean greater mobility for you and perhaps less pain?

    Try to look at it that way.
  3. johne

    Got mine done about a Year ago have not regreted it at all. More mobility, no pain altogether a much better quality of life.

    Good luck on Wednesday

  4. Can you keep the old kneecap to use as a frisbee?
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  5. German hospitals being the money grabbing thieves they are, Probably recycled it and sold it to some 3rd world country
  6. Had mine done many years ago, pain was pretty bad when the drugs wore off but now its fine, it does set off the alarms at the airport but they seem to enjoy searching me and I get a free prostate check
  7. Not 3rd world ... they actually grind all the knees and hips down and turn it into "bone cement" ... don't worry its all checked and sterilised!

    Good luck with the op ... my 86 yr old M-in-L has just had hers done last week. Gone from "couldn't stand due to constant pain" to "walking 100 yrds pain free" within 7 days (thats further than she's walked for years!).
  8. What would you do without them your knees, your knees,
    There's so much good about them, your knees, your knees,
    Loose them and you'll wear a permenant frown,
    You could stand up but you'll never sit down,
    Or join in the knees up with old mother brown, without knees.

    Though they may cause much laughter, your knees, your knees,
    Make sure you always look after, your knees, your, knees,
    Your legs would be pegged from your thigh to your heal,
    I think that would give them a pretty rough deal,
    How would you handstand oh how would you kneel
    Without knees.
  10. My mate said he would kill the ******* surgeon if he could get his hands on him its worse now than his old one was
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  11. should have come to belfast got some docs with little to do plenty of practice of fitting knee caps

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