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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Fournylons, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi all , newbie here

    The new Nos 1s with the crap silk/bow thing which is an embarassment. What was arong with the old rig?? too difficult to tie a bow AND use a nasty sharp pair of scissors ??

    Anyway, Does anyone know where i can get hold of a replacement silk or even have one made up ? I was thinking the silk off the Tropical rig would do the job

    I have a friends wedding coming up and i am not wearing that cheap looking tat on my rig

    Any ideas/ suggestions/ donations would be great

  2. Not quite sure exactly what you mean by the 'new No 1's' as the No1A uniform has been in its present guise since around 1989/1990.

    So I fail to see how YOU can have an old style square rig and be wearing it, unless you are some old boy who still likes dressing up in his number ones. For the record, I joined in 1977. :)
  3. No my friend they have changed again since then, its not a change for good i joined in 90, then rejoined in 07 so i am an old boy !
  4. It has changed I joined in the late 90's and the silk was sewn into the No's 1 Jacket. Unlike the tropical where you had a separate silk. They changed it in the early 2000's and the silk became separate but already made up with a bow already attached.

    To be honest though it's a drip that's getting boring. Times have changed life in a blue one.
  5. Its not the change which i have a problem , its the standard of it, it looks cheap and badly made. Im after the separate silk, do Louis Bernards/Jack blair do them??
  6. Ask your local sea cadets (seriously, most of their units have stores full of old crap like that). I agree it does look cheap, but it has been round for a good few years now.
  7. Cheers Dunkers, I thought maybe old Louis or Jack may do a better one
  8. I'm confused.

    I joined in '77 and was issued with the 'new' 1s (think I was first entry to get it) and it had an integral silk. I can't remember it changing in the following nine years that I remained in square rig.

    Am I correct in understanding that a separate silk was reinstated (early 90s) and subsequently made integral again after that?

  9. No mate, In 1990s the nos 1 suit had a silk sewn into the jacket
  10. Thanks.

    I'm now more confused.

    You joined in '90 but had a separate silk according to your first post.

    When was the 'new' separate-silk era?

  11. The "new" nos 1s in the 70s had the silk sewn in, with a separate "strip" that you tied a bow with at the top of the zip.

    The even newer nos 1s (2003 ish?) have no silk sewn in, but the bow is machine-made (ready tied) and is attached to the silk. The whole lot - silk and bow - is in one piece. It is secured to the jacket by means of a velcro strap on the silk, which you fasten underneath the collar.

    It's as confusing as it is gash.
  12. So you want to wear a No1 uniform that is no longer a recognised uniform. You'll be out of rig of the day shippers.
  13. Velcroed on silks! :roll: .... Whatever next....
  14. I joined in 98 and got the silk and bow in a oner job, so it's been around for at least 11 years.

    It's got a popper for securing to the jacket at the bottom and velcro at the top and it's bloody impossible to make it look right.
  15. EBay?
  16. No Mate, i had the sewn in silk when i joined. I am going to a wedding and want to look like a matelot not someone in bad fancy dress. I just thought i could use the sepaerate silk off the tropics with some white tapes. Just nice to have a bit of pride in what your wearing thats all
  17. Baun and Co?


    Could you get Tailor Lee in Pompey to make something up for you?
  18. As it is a No1 suit, it is still recognised. If any one was lucky enough to still have one that they could fit in to it and still be of the rank to wear it, they could. But then again, where will the rig of the day be published for the wedding he is attending?
  19. I joined in 1845 and i avnt a ferkin clue what you jack tars are on about :lol:
  20. I joined in March 77 and had a separate silk on both my number 1 and number 2 (red badge) suits. I still have my original silk from 77 which I wear as part of my 'Pickle Night' kit.

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