New Joiners what its really like.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kyle.L.19, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys

    Im in my 6th weeks now at Raleigh , just enjoying a well deserved 2 weeks leave!! loving every minute of it hahah :).

    So yes if you have any questions about what happens in each week , or any problems or queries im sure i can help you out!

  2. Do you have to get up early?
    What type of iron works best, will I have room to stow my ironing board in my locker?
    Will my Fireman Sam pyjamas be looked on as odd?
    Will there be enough plugs/electrical outlets for me to be able to charge my Mobi, iPod, Blackberry and use my hairdryer at the same time?
    I'm 17 and 3/4 and have a fake ID that works in my hometown, will I be able to drink beer with my 18 year old classmates?
    Will I really have to work 6 weeks before I get any leave? 8O
  3. Well, that's me all out of questions. :lol:
  4. Will I get Christmas at home?
  5. You missed a more recent one NZB, can I knock one out 3 times a day
  6. Will I have to suck the instructors knob for six weeks in order to get two weeks off?
  7. Spit or swallow?
  8. Gargle
  9. Oi CNUTS!! I was serious.!! I'm having sleepless nights worrying about this, only just got over my Recruitment Test, PJFT, Medical, Interview and Psychometric Test anxiety attacks.
    I passed BTW and my entry date is Feb 29th next year. I'm going in as DoW (SM) (Dhobi Wallah, Submariner. The most exclusive Branch in the RN.) can't wait for the adventure to begin weeehoooo!!
  10. Now, now, I do think you're taking the piss!! Let's be serious on this , OK?? 8O :lol: :lol:
  11. ...psychometric was spelt correctly, cnut :roll:
  12. Now cum on lads, you'll be scaring off the genuinely curious noobies.

    PS: Is it true I can bring me mum?
  13. 2 Weeks leave? I would rather do a straight 9 weeks than get 2 weeks off half way through? Is this the same for everyone or just because his training has fell over easter?

    I have a question actually, do you have to shave against the grain everyday during basic or is everyday WITH THE GRAIN acceptable?
  14. through

    just because of leave

    and you will have to have a chin like babys arse every single day no matter how you achieve this!
  15. Slap in to grow a set.
  16. I had to go 5 working days before getting 2 weeks shore leave in December.

    Joined 14th December, broke up for 2 weeks on 19th of December.
  17. That's a thurst!
  18. I think it's outragous that pre-sailors should be forced to rise early. Surely in these enlikened days they should have a lie in till 0900 when the Cooks will bring them a nice cup of hot tea and hot buttered toast in a silver toast rack.

    Outraged of John O'Groats
  19. Seems they get up at the crack of sparrows these days. I'm sure it was 0645 like the rest of the RN when I was in basic.
    Gently awoken but the rythmic tapping of a large stick on the government issued (also used in prisons and mental asylums) iron bed frame..

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