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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by subset, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. By the look of the new joiners and the fact there are 120 guests on line at the moment I would say that TV advertising works........ :roll:
  2. I have to admit, I had checked out RR a few times before but found it very quiet / reserved compared to ARRSE (I'm a STAB now, so can annoy them as well).

    At the very least our Iranian adventure has got some good banter going on the site. IMHO, I still think it's a bit reserved compared to the Army site. I don't seem to remember it being so in a messdeck, but then again I alwats was a gobby tw*t. :D
  3. Be interesting to see how many of the new joiners/journos stop visiting when this all blows over.

    Hopefully, a lot of ex-RN will have joined due to the publicity, who wouldn't have been aware of RR before.
  4. I joined due to the Iran affair. I am a retired Master Sergeant from the U S Army and was only on duty for 2 wars. I am always interested in what current military members are saying about events and theri various services. My only experience on a Navy ship was to be carted across the Pacific Ocean and dumped on the shores of Vietnam. That cured me from ever thinking of doing Navy duty in the future. And alas, I have complete disdain for most politicos because they are such liars no matter where they are from. Needless to say John Kerry is a slug in my book. He used the military in our country like a 2 dollar trollop just to get into politics. Anyway hope to have fun on here and maybe bond with some of you fine fellows.
  5. Hi and welcome babe :wink:
  6. It would be good to attract and retain some memebrship from those currently serving, either regular or RNR. With much of the commentary being very out of date, some informed opinion would be beneficial.
  7. :lol: some nice young ( not to wet behind the ears ) men would be nice instead of the dirty old pervs we have in chat at the moment
  8. Welcome on board! Hopefully it'll be less of a bumpy ride than your last trip :wink:

  9. You mean John Kerry decorated Vietnam veteran - not like your draft-dodging, dry-drunk, inarticulate, present Commander-in-Chief whose Congressman Daddy got him into the Texas Air National Guard in front of thousands of more qualified applicants [ie trained pilots] where he avoided Vietnam but successfully kept the skies above The Lone Star State free of Viet-Cong?????

    Or Darth Cheney who also avoided service with multiple deferments or any of the other Rethuglican fcukwits who dragged our country into an illegal invasion of Iraq?

  10. Welcome msgsmiley. I personally don't do "bonding", whatever that is, but there are those on RR that do, apparently. :oops:
  11. Bonding is a term used when you share some of the same experiences in life and most likely the same interests etc. It is not anything sexual for sure. And as far as the drivel about that other blokes post, who cares what he thinks. He can't vote here in America. I do happen to be from Texas but that does not mean I do not posess a brain. William Wilburforce was very unpopular in his time but history proved him correct. I could care less about politicos. Most are self serving and liars. That includes George W. , Bill Clinton, and a host of others foreign and domestic. As far as I am concerned all wars are illegal, but you show me who in this world abides by that rule!
  12. Hey I did have a bumpy ride crossing the Pacific. We hit a typhoon off Okinawa and it was hell in the forward hold where I was bunking. there were 1500 troops on that ship and the puke and upchuck was all over the place during that storm. Felt like I was a sausage in a tin can. Helpless and praying to God to see the sky soon. Never foret the smell and how I felt.
  13. John Kerry, decorated Vietnam vetran? I will not brag but I posess more decorations from that war than he does and I am very willing to show my military medical records for my 2 purple hearts. Those of us from the American military know a fake when we see one. I am sure you guys do too.
  14. I was being ironic mate, trying to make a very poor joke about matters of a gay nature, if you see what I mean. No offence intended (not to you anyway) :D
  15. No offense taken. But GAY in America has taken on an all new meaning. It now means: G A Y
    o i e ??
    t d t
  16. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Uh!.......... does anyone have one of those universal translator thingies? I haven't got a clue what you just said mate!
  17. Read in vertical columns and shift the s one pace right.
  18. me neither!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8O 8O
  19. I would be one of those as never heard of the site until I found the quotes on the Daily mail website, glad i did now :lol:
  20. o i e ??
    t d t



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