New job, new attitude?

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by angry_mac, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. Well after 4 years sea time, I get to start my 2 year shore time job tomorrow. Fortunately it is in a job that predominately deals with the non sea going navy heavily populated with the fairer sex.
    Now do I continue on in my bluff, abrasive manner that befits a pissed off 'always facking deploying' matelot. Or do I turn into some sort of crabfat, sensitive and in touch with one's femine side.
    Will i bimble into the 'common room' at 'teabreak' and drop a handbag, giggle and walk out again. Will I ring up random numbers around the building and 'knob' the poor clueless victim on the other end. Will i try and found some dark corner to get an 'hour in it instead of on it' at lunchtime. Will I just aimlessly bimble around one floor of the building with a piece of paper containg gibberish pretending to be busy.
    Do I use this period to prepare myself for a career in civvy street(only 4 yrs away now). Or do I just use it to have a giggle at the expense of people who have no idea what a matelots sense of humour is really like, hmmmm. Any ideas.
  2. All of the above
  3. Walk into the common room drop ya guts and laugh,then get in touch with ya feminin side,worked for me when i was on a 6 month draft to President

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